Park Eun Bin and Rowoon Will Come Together for New Palace Romance Drama

Credit: Namoo Actors, KLAVUU
Credit: Namoo Actors, KLAVUU

Park Eun Bin and Rowoon will visit the small screen with the new romance drama Affection (literal title).

KBS’s new drama Affection announced two young stars, Park Eun Bin and Rowoon’s appearance.

Affection is a series adapted from the comics of the same name. The story begins with an abandoned child. She was born as a twin, but her parents left her to keep the other male brother instead. When her twin brother, raised as a crown prince, dies, she steps in his shoes dressed as a guy.

The responses are already hot. The fact that a lady ascending to the throne in the Joseon Dynasty has become a hot topic. Likewise, the series dealing with “a female dress as a man” is also drawing keen attention.

Credit: DAEWON. C. I. INC

Park Eun Bin plays Lee Hwi, a prince with a secret that she can never tell. She lives her dead twin brother’s life and is a fake prince who constantly fights with herself. Lee Hwi has porcelain skin, ice-cold eyes, mysteriously beautiful looks, and unparalleled dignity. In the same vein, she has perfect skillsets in literary and military fields.

Rowoon will become Jeong Ji Woon, Lee Hwi’s teacher. He is Joseon’s macho man with tenacity and guts and an optimist who enjoys life. He is the son of the Saheonbu (Office of the Inspector-General) family and a prodigious man who passed the state examination early in age. But for some reason, he leaves behind the flowery path and picks up acupuncture needles instead of a writing brush.

The production shared, “Park Eun Bin will challenge a new transformation as a female crown prince and Rowoon has fatal charms. The two will present unforgettable romance to viewers this fall.”

The Beauty Inside and Another Miss Oh director, Song Hyun Wook, will produce the series Affection with Clean With Passion For Now screenwriter Han Hee Jung penning the script. The filming will begin soon to premiere in the second half of this year.


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