‘Sixth Sense 2’ Starts Filming Next Month with the Same Members

Credit: tvN

tvN’s outdoor variety show Sixth Sense will return with season 2.

According to industry insiders, the same members will return with Sixth Sense 2. With Yoo Jae Suk in the center, Oh Na Ra, Jeon So Min, Jessi, and Lovelyz’s Mijoo will once again bring a burst of jolly laughter to the small screen.

Premiered in September last year, Sixth Sense led members to the hottest places or people and have them distinguish one fake set-up using their sixth sense. With the show, Yoo Jae Suk showed off his brother-sister chemistry with his fellow female performers, which was clearly not that easy with all their over-the-top tension.

A source shared, “We have been discussing season 2 positively because members had such great chemistry. The first recording is scheduled for late April. We have our heart set on the 30th, and it (Sixth Sense 2) will be produced as a 12-part series.”


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