Oh My Girl Fans Unnerved by Tank’s Disturbing Posts Abut Seunghee

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Oh My Girl fans are furious and highly disturbed by posts written by singer and producer Tank.

On Feb 19, Tank posted Seunghee’s picture on his Instagram and commented, “I’m posting this photo of Seunghee that I only have because she’s so pretty. She sent this to me while she was preparing for her stage.”

However, the selfie was posted on May 2 last year by Seunghee herself for her fans on the official fan cafe.

Credit: Tank Instagram (Feb 19, 2021)
Credit: Oh My Girl Fan Cafe (May 2, 2020)

This wasn’t the end of his “creepy” posts. He posted Seunghee’s pictures and spread rumors like, “She has a boyfriend.”

Even after releasing the diss track about Seunghee, Tank left hair-raising comments on his Instagram where he would write the captions such as “I’m really going to become the devil,” and “The real funny thing is, these brave internet community terrorists are nothing when they come out to the real world. Come. I’m waiting for you.”

Credit: Tank Instagram

In the light of Tank’s absurd behavior, Seunghee’s highschool friend stepped up to defend her friend and Tank’s misdeed that continued from 10 years ago.

According to her (her Instagram name is Youn Su Eun), she met Tank when her boyfriend from high school introduced him to her. But when they broke up, Tank started to approach her and contact her more than often, even sending her his songs asking for her opinions. Tank even tried to make a move on her, saying that he has feelings for her, but she continued to refuse him.

Credit: The Qoo

Then sometime later, Tank released his album As a singer, and the tracks were aligned in such a way that the first letters of each line created the following sentence: “To Su Eun, I’m hurting because of you.” The lyrics listed out the things he did for her, and she wrote, “I still remember the time from 10 years ago when I felt like I was haunted by demons.”

She finished her post, commenting, “He is still not reflecting on what he did to me 10 years ago, and I’m writing this to help Seunghee because I feel like she is suffering even more than me.”


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