WM Ent. to Take Immediate Legal Actions Against Tank for Harassing Seunghee

WM Entertainment has come forward with an official statement on the diss track of singer and producer Tank (Ahn Jin Woong).

Credit: iMBC

On the 7th, the producer uploaded a video titled ‘[Diss Track] TANK – ‘Suni” on his YouTube channel. The video included lyrics slandering a certain girl group member, making it easy to guess who it was aimed at by having a photo with only the face censored in the background. The lyrics of the song were found out to be rather private, explicit, and vulgar. Since it was uploaded, Oh My Girl’s Seunghee was mentioned throughout the 8th. Tank also posted a video of Seunghee saying “I love you Ahn Jin Woong,” on his SNS as if they had a close relationship.

Whilst fans were puzzled as to why the producer dissed Seunghee in his song when the two had a close relationship, WM Entertainment made a statement and said they would file a civil and criminal lawsuit against Tank. The agency also revealed what had happened between the two in detail.

According to the company, Tank and Seunghee were both alumni of Korean Arts High. In December of 2020, Tank sent messages to his fellow alumnus suggesting that he would attempt suicide, and Seunghee visited him merely to stop him from doing so. However, Tank became overly obsessed with Seunghee since then and threatened her after she refused to deal with him. Seunghee is said to have stopped talking with him as she had a serious panic disorder after, and this is what caused Tank to write a diss track that distorted the truth and post it on Instagram and YouTube.

Credit: SBS funE

As a result, Oh My Girl’s agency is to carry out all legal actions possible, including spreading false information, threatening, and infringement of privacy and personal rights. They plan to take the most effective measures in the future without taking any agreement deals nor leniency.

Tank has already been made infamous after criticizing Leessang. To say that Seunghee was simply used for his popularity would be an understatement, as the damage is too serious. Most fans encouraging WM Ent. to take strict actions against him so the artist is protected.


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