“He’s a total scumbag” A Drama Staff Reveals Ji Soo’s Rube Behaviors on ‘River Where the Moon Rises’ Filming Set

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A comment written by a netizen, who is believed to be the staff of KBS’s drama River Where the Moon Rises, became a hot topic.

On March 3, a post titled “The person who commented on Ji Soo’s article is a staff of ‘River Where the Moon Rises’ drama” was uploaded in an online community and has since gone viral. The post included a screen-capture of the comment written on the article about Ji Soo’s school violence scandal.

The comment reads, “From what I’ve experienced for three months on the set, it’s true that he is a scumbag. He never greets anyone on the set, and he smokes, spits, and throws away the cigarettes anywhere he wants. He also treats his manager like his personal slave, demanding, ‘Bring me cigarettes, bring me water.’ He’s not a decent human being. But he never complains in front of the director… Guys like that should never be allowed to be a public figure. Don’t forget. What you see on his dramas is 100% fake.”

Credit: online communities

On March 2, Ji Soo was accused of being a school bully when a netizen wrote the post with the title “Actor Ji Soo is a perpetrator of school violence.” After the initial allegations, additional victims and witnesses stepped forward, and the controversy even grow into sexual harassment scandal.

Two days later, Ji Soo admitted his wrongdoings and wrote a handwritten apology letter to his victims, but he was removed from his drama River Where the Moon Rises.


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  • Ha ha ha ha… right now kbs’s drama staff want to wosh theyre hands. because they are drop up ji soo. We know drama is drama only . Its not real .and with this problem also kbs management is doing big drama. Ji soo is the enemy of this script 😂😂😂😂lol

  • There is always 3 sides to every story. Your side, the accused side and the truth. Celebrities and netizen are both human beings and make mistakes. No ones perfect. People have off days. Do unto others as you want done to you. Atone for your mistakes, do better and move on.

    • I agree. Nobody’s perfect. And everyone deserves a second chance. I just hope that he sincerely regret and reent what he has done in the past.

  • He has to mend his ways. But after a period of self-reflection he should be allowed to go on with his acting career because he is talented and because then he can prove that he has learnt from his mistakes.

    • I don’t like this logic of how he should be treated more softly because “he is talented.” That is ABSOLUTELY irrelevant. Does this mean that someone less talented, in the same situation, should be treated more strictly? Give me a break. His talent, his current success, his wealth, his fame, none of that matters in how he should be treated now.

      Furthermore, his handwritten apology is pretty hollow. He only apologized AFTER he was called out for his actions. The only reason that he is sorry for his past actions is that those actions are now affecting his current life. He is not truly sorry for what he did. If he were, he would have at least tried to reach out to his victims beforehand.

  • Omg people! This is just a trash article! Now a staff reveals “his true colors” he says. These actors are not protected, but instead prosecuted by their own partners. Shame on you! If Ji Soo is not playing “River where the moon rises”, I won’t fucking watch it. I can’t unwatch a drama, nor the feelings that I have felt about it. That’s what his fans and people with common sens should do. We should prosecute the companies for being too unreasonable on him. I would understand if they want to put a pause because of a scandal, but to kick him out and remake the movie it’s just insane. What is he going to do now with his life, people? Imagine being yourself in his position, you can’t do anything about it and all of your dreams are ruined, so? What about your own life? What would you do in his place? Leant how to protect, forgive and encourage, because who knows, maybe one day it’ll be you in his shoes!

  • Past is past we should all forget about the past…no one is perfect in this whole world…nt even u or me..we all make mistakes sometimes n from that mistakes we learn something new n move forward in our lives n we should never regret it because all our lives has to go on in this world till we r alive…..as in his situation maybe some of them are jealous or maybe telling truth or fake no one knows it….so based on his situation we should never judge people without knowing the whole truth….if it’s in India then they would hv never bothered about all this thing ….because Indian people r kind hearted person n they always finds the truth before saying anything untill n unless they find the truth behind him/ her whether about his past or present deeds…n I think they should learn from Indian to forgiveness others…n there is always a second chance for very person in life….I think whatever he does maybe its basically wrong but I think he deserves a second chance….because it’s said tht whoever realizes his mistake by himself n apologize before him then he’s a great person above all who r blaming n refusing to forgive him….I know it’s nt easy to forgave bt how much will we spread hatred about him…..untill he die…but it will be to late for that untill u guys finds a truth about him….so never ever say or troll anything about anyone without knowing the whole the truth.

    • It’s true that we have to forgive him but that doesn’t mean that we forget the wrong doings… Wrong is wrong… If u made mistakes u have to pay for it… He already admitted to his wrong doings in the past… Basically he is now paying for the wrong things he did in the past… We always reap what we sow… And no one can ever escape from karma… He said he is sorry.. Learning a lesson is not a bad thing… Everyone makes mistake and we should forgive but forginess does not except you from paying for the wrong doings… If u made a mistake and ur sorry for it then that means ur ready to pay for ur mistakes… Forgive but let justice prevail. Again wrong is wrong… When u did wrong to others u will not escape punishment…

  • No one is perfect!
    Everyone make mistake!
    But we learned from our mistake and grown up from the past.
    Past is past!He must be forgiven and should be given a second chance.

    Ji soo fighting!
    We still here to support and love you!🥰😍

    • Are you one of his victims for you to be forgiving him? Sexual assault is okay? Bullying is ok? Grow up and open your eyes

      • Why should u judge. Everyone is open to forgiveness. It was his past and should be considered dat if he has a change of heart. Blaming him d more will cause depression and u know d result…. Let’s not lose one of our favorite actors. Let his flaw be forgotten and let a new beginning be given to him.

    • Stop saying it’s all in the past. He still has the attitude during his career! Let him reflect on his attitude and dont ever try to disregard what he did and what the people that got bullied feel. Yore bot the one wbo glt bullied so top taking this lightly.

  • If that’s true then you should said that before because if he totally scumbag, why would you say it now for what reason huh??? If your gonna say that we can’t talk about what happen in the set then why r u saying it right now???

  • Past is past? How about the trauma that the victim felt for a long period of time? You surely hated those brats who bullied innocent person.Remember what happen in school 2015? That bitch who bully eun byeol! Its similar to his, im not saying stop supporting him but if your’e truly a fan you shouldn’t tolerate his bad behavior. Lead him to right way and let him pay for his sins. If you tolerate him that means youre kind of tolerating that bitch from school 2015 (jang su young).

  • Mr Ji Soo, you can’t turn back the time. But the future awaits. Look at the mistake, be responsible. Take your time to see the present. You apologized. Have you changed those rude behaviors? Are you willing to be a better human being to yourself and to other people? if your answer is yes, that’s the only time you can atone your mistakes and can move on. Be strong because better tomorrow awaits. Don’t think otherwise.

  • If I were this staff, i would probably call Jisoo’s attention or the director. Why wait for a scandal before you open your mouth?If you don’t address to rectify the mistakes, shut up!Do you really think you have done justice to your complaints? What you should do is to give him an ashtray, tell him as a brother or co-worker to slow down. You may never know that he probably was just ANXIOUS or edgy with his role or job! Listen and understand others too, not just yourself.

    • “Call attention”?? That’s a rediculous statement. You want a staff who is easily replaced to complain about the main star of the show? In a country where power goes to the one with position n money and where youth unemployment is so high? Have you never worked?

      • If they don’t want to let the right people know how he has been acting then in my opinion they should keep their mouth shut.

  • All people had mistake but this is past..we have no right to judge him. And please just give him a second chance

  • Second chance??! I think his apology letter wasn’t a sincere one at all, in the first place. Remember when he dropped the line “I hope this doesn’t affect the drama…” Well, obviously, he was definitely NOT sincere about it. He just cares about his career, and his reputation as an actor. In my opinion, if he was REALLY sincere enough ’bout it, then he shouldn’t have thought about his name as an actor for a while. Like, he should have just repented on what he has done way back then, and even these new allegations rising if ever they are true. Considering such behaviors of him stirring up these days, I think those were just his true colors. NOT just a mere mistake. I think he just thinks of himself….

  • Whether it’s good or evil, what you do will always leave a scar to your peers… And don’t just say it’s just a plain mistake, ppl!! What he has done will not be ever erased from the hearts and minds of his victims.. such a traumatic one. He’s nothing but a bad influence to the youth who are idolizing him..

  • I think that everyone is prone to mistakes. Since he already apologized and owned up to his mistakes we should all try to be forgiving. And the rumor of his attitude on set could be lies. People could just be captivating on the situation to spread malicious gossips. I’d understand if the drama was paused but removing him completely is extreme. We should remember that celebrities are all humans and are prone to mistakes

  • Sounds like someone wants to jump on the bandwagon. Did you put your name behind that statement or are you one of those anonymous people.? Just Checking.

  • I don’t take any sides, I will let the karma do it’s job, we have to kind of karma “ good karma or bad karma” let’s wait and see which karma will be served. You know ,God only knows the truth, and that his the only one who can put that karma to each one of us. Let’s say you can lied to peoples around you, but always remember , you can’t lied to your self. The greatest karma is that you suffer from what you did. Old man say “ What you did, is what you get”

  • People here, let’s think equally. Don’t take any sides, the moment you pick, it’s the moment , you hurt someone else that you don’t notice. And that someone, will cause karma on your future. Let’s the God judge to those who did mistakes, and let the karma do the rest.

  • Me my self I don’t trust what I saw on tv, I don’t trust media, I don’t trust anything. All I trust is what the God plan to be happen. Always remember Gods plan is better than our plan. Trust him and wait.

  • Don’t judge people by their looks, instead, judge your self . I bet, you always heard this phrase “ look at your self in the mirror “ that’s mean, judge your self before you make judgment to others.

  • I just don’t understand…. I seen his dramas and he is a great actor and I hope he gets a good agency and I don’t really want another suicide… He worked hard over the years and now b laming him now I think there’s some hidden agendas maybe or may not be… But whatever he did in the past I heard apologized and now why these issues bringing up…. I hope he really gets a chance…

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