Ji Soo Officially Apologizes to His Past Victims, But ‘River Where the Moon Rises’ Cancels Today’s Shooting


Ji Soo wrote a handwritten apology letter to the victims of his school violence, but the controversy is still an ongoing issue. And burdened by netizens’ criticisms, River Where the Moon Rises has canceled today’s shooting.

On March 4, Ji Soo posted a handwritten letter of apology on his Instagram.

“I sincerely apologize to those who were hurt by me. There is no excuse for past misdeeds.

They were unforgivable actions.

As I began acting, I was able to come this far because I covered up my past, and as a result, received undeserving love and attention from the public.

But deep inside, I’ve always had a sense of guilt in one part of my heart, and an irreversible regret haunted me anxiously. The dark past has always weighed on me.

I will deeply atone for those who have suffered for a long time and reflect on my past that I will never be able to wash away for the rest of my life.

I feel miserable and guilty for inflicting so much damage on all of my fellow drama cast and crew members, the broadcasting station, and all those affiliated with the production, solely due to my own personal faults. I sincerely pray that I will not cause any further damage to the drama.

Once again, I beg for forgiveness on my knees to all those who were hurt by me.”

Credit: KBS

Soon after Ji Soo publically acknowledged his faults and apologized, a media outlet reported that River Where the Moon Rises, in which Ji Soo is currently starring in, canceled today’s shooting. They will resume their planned schedule tomorrow.

The production team shared, “We will hold a meeting regarding Ji Soo’s appearance in our drama. We will release our official position once it’s confirmed.” However, as Ji Soo has already finished filming all his parts till episode 18, whatever choice they make will bear a heavy burden.


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  • I understand that Korean society is very strict about some issues and I appreciate that. I don’t know the details nor is it any of my business. I believe in second chances for those that make mistakes. I don’t under stand the lack of mercy in this case. Stop destroying your young and talented youth. Finish the drama. And don’t punish him anymore.

  • People-famous or not- should be allowed to deal with their lives privately as long as there are no criminal issues. Grade school and Junior High School actions do not speak to the adults we become. I do NOT in any way condone bullying, but the adult this person has become speaks to the true character of the individual. To punish adults for actions in Junior High would make us ALL guilty of SOMETHING in our past. NO ONE, if completely honest with themselves, would be exempt. I see this as a way to force public guilt and gain payment. A true ADULT would confront that person privately to reconcile any wrongdoing-not try to publicly shame, humiliate, and damage their reputation.

  • I believe this young man is not the first nor will he be the last to have if you will problems school years. He has grown up, has matured, and has realized he must change his ways for the better well being for himself and those around him. More attention should be put on the school systems, student support system, family support system to understand and help all students who are going through a difficult time. Children are not born with the conception of being “mean” “bullying” “ violent” or any other form of misconduct. These are traits that are learned. so we as a society, must teach our children well from the beginning. He has realized he has made mistakes and is regretful. Because he is a public figure, and this news has come out now, there is a lesson for all of us to learn. We will always be responsible for our actions. They will catch up with us sooner or later. lets try not to live with regret, yet let us have the heart to feel regret and live on with enlightenment❤️.

    • Let bygone be bygone. Let it be a lesson to be learnt & make us a better person NOW. Who are we to judge & punish others anyway.

  • It was in the past let it stay there and don’t make a judgment on his personality now we have all made mistakes in our past let it stay in the past don’t bring it into the future. He is a very good Actor.

  • Everyone deserves a second chance. Why is the media only picking it up now?. He has publicly appologied. Let it end there.

  • I think he should continue the drama, everyone makes mistakes but he realizes his fault and knows he did wrong before and apologized about it too, i think he deserves a chance to show his sincerity. There are alot of meaner things going around in world.

  • Everyone deserves a chance, as he is apologizing for his mis behavior of his past and have guilt about it, I think he should continue the drama. Its hard to accept your own faults but he is accepting about his past, i mean like common there’s alot of worse people in this world and doing alot of crimes but they never make such issues on that but just because he is famous now, everyone is criticizing him because of his past , everyone one has a past, who doesn’t have. I hope people in korea who was bullied by him forgives him❤️ I love you ji soo oppa❤️

  • Whatever are the consequences of his past actions will be well deserved. I can imagine tha trauma and scars that were left to his victims. Your 5 seconds of fame is over, Ji Soo.

  • He may done something in his past that unacceptable . But jisoo now will never be jisoo from the past . Give him chance to make his mistakes right , give him chance to change his life , not putting his name and work on the line 😢 he is asking for forgiveness and chances to be better version of him . We can’t deny that he is one of best actor in Korea .let him deal his issues private .

  • The incident was long ago. Please netizens we should not let our past dictate what our future gonna be. We don’t know his sufferings.

  • Everybody deserves a second chance, letting go of past scars has that never been easy, but destroying one individual who apologized and proving himself on his on going career deserves chances to proved life is precious, peace, love ❤️ and God will do the rest!
    Jesus forgiven our sins, y us humans can’t?

  • Dear Ji Soo
    Please know that you are brave and you are loved, not because your acting, but because of the sincerity of your heart. There’s no one in this world that have not committed mistakes… don’t feel too guilty. You are an amazing person, I can tell even if I do not know you personally!
    Please going and keep growing… the sky is the limit and you have so much to give !!
    We love you!!!

  • So is this young man school age? If so he looks college. Perhaps the biggest problem with “bullying” in real life Korean is all the shows that show it in schools, such as Flowers over Boys and recently The Penthouse. Sometimes fake will lead to real.

  • he didn’t deny it, he apologize because of what happened, he is guilty. let’s give him another chance he deserve to be discipline but he also need to be forgiven. he came this far because he worked hard for it. let us be more open minded and understanding,

  • Kids make mistake and then you learn from them it’s what you do as an adult that matters

  • Everyone Deserves a second chance, he already accepted his wrong doings from the past and made an apology.. They should not condemn him because obviously,hes a change man already..

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