Ji Soo’s School Violence Scandal Grows into Sexual Harassment Controversy

Credit: Keyeast

Shocking revelations against actor Ji Soo are continuing.

On March 2, a post titled “Actor Ji Soo was a school perpetrator” spread viral on online communities. In this writing, the writer claimed that Ji Soo did unspeakable things as a teenage boy, including throwing kimchi and cherry tomatoes in the cafeteria, spitting food out, beating out classmates and extorting money from other students, throwing netizens in the world of shock.

But this wasn’t the end. Soon, more shocking testimonies surfaced online, and many stated, “If the agency try to dismiss this issue as groundless, I (or we) are going to release more evidence and (shocking) stories.”

A, who introduced herself as Ji Soo’s high school classmate, claimed that the actor also committed sexual harassment. And to back her up, another netizen wrote, “He was a complete screwball that made other boys do sexually humiliating things in front of him and even did bl***** on their faces. If he’s going to drag this to court, I have recordings of a call with a friend (as proof).”

Credit: 10Asia

In addition, allegations of him entering clubs, bars ad other entertainment bars since he was a minor with a forged ID card also surfaced. B claimed, “Kim Ji Soo, you wore out your feet every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday visiting Hongdae clubs in 2010.” She even added, “I remember I was living alone at the time, and you flirted with me a lot, asking me if you could come to my house. But it turns out, you had a girlfriend.” Ji Soo was born in 1993, so in 2010, he was a junior in high school.

Another netizen C also commented, “When he first came out, I thought, ‘Oh, he used to be our neighborhood’s bully.’ He did a ton of one-night stands with girls he didn’t know.”

Some testified that he made sexual harassment remarks while he was still in school. D, who used to be Ji Soo’s classmate, wrote, “I heard it over and over again about how he kicked the girl to the curve after sleeping with her.”

Credit: Keyeast

Though the controversy is only growing by the minute, Keyeast is stating that “they are looking into the fact.” As the exclusive contract between Ji Soo and Keyeast was signed only five months ago, the company has no choice but to be cautious on the matter.

Ji Soo’s drama River Where the Moon Rises is also an alert. This 20-part drama has already completed filming up to episode 18, making it impossible to change the actor midway. As more and more testimonies about the actor are revealed, the production team is keeping their eyes on the issue.


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