The Dramatic Ending of ‘Vincenzo’ Which Caught the Viewers’ Hearts

Credit: tvN
Credit: tvN

The response �Vincenzo �is receiving is astonishing. As the merciless revenge of Vincenzo begins, it agitates the viewers’ hearts. The essence of the plot lies within the ironic justice that the villain holds. Vincenzo emerges as a ‘dark hero’ after landing in Korea and taking acts of justice in order to take possession of the hidden gold bars in the secret room in the underground of Geumga Plaza. His counterpart is the Babel Group, which tries to blackmail tenants and steal the buildings, as well as Woosang Law Firm which has the group’s back. Vincenzo began to punish those who cannot be punished under the law, in his own mafia ways. In particular, the dramatic endings which catch the viewers off guard adds to the fun of the show. So, let’s have a look back on some of the endings that excited viewers.

Episode 2 �” The Party Amongst Insiders which Was Beyond Imagination

Vincenzo’s actions took place in earnest from the second episode. Though he illegally occupied the building and got a hang of Babel Construction at once, Babel and Woosang had set a plan to have the building demolished. They prepared for the building to be destroyed with heavy vehicles for the sake of having the area cleaned up. The intention was to start the process of demolition as soon as tenants cleared out of the building. Upon learning of this, Vincenzo held a huge party right at the time when Babel had planned the demolition and held a counterattack. Various influencers gathered at the party where even the Italian ambassador to Korea was invited, blocking the services that brought heavy equipment and vehicles from entering the party.


Episode 3 �” The Attack of Song Joong Ki and Yoo Jae Myung

The ending of the third episode was a shock, as Vincenzo faced a crisis. While digging into the Babel Group with Hong Yoo Chan, he realized that Babel Pharmaceutical conducted and covered up unethical experiments in order to release narcotic painkillers. Layer Hong Yoo Chan confronted Babel as he took all the risks, but they were nothing short of monsters. The same went for Woosang. After Woosang’s Choi Myung Hee found out that Hong Yoo Chan came in contact with a key witness in the Babel Pharmaceutical case, she ordered them to be murdered. Hong Yoo Chan ended up being attacked while fiercely fighting. A truck suddenly hit the bar in which Hong Yoo Chan and Vincenzo were at.


Episode 4 �” A Thrilling Revenge

After waking up from the crisis, Vincenzo did not dare to leave those who touched him go. An eye for an eye was his principle. After Hong Yoo Chan’s death, Vincenzo was angry as he knew Choi Myung Hee was behind the truck accident and threatened her in the same way he had been. A truck charged towards Choi Myung Hee who was trapped in a laundromat, and his brutal threat scared the ruthless villain. However, this was the only beginning of Vincenzo’s real revenge. Along with Hong Cha Young, Nam Joo Sung, and the bereaved families of the victims, Vincenzo blew up the entirety of Babel Pharmaceutical’s material warehouse. Aria’s “Nessum Dorma” from Turandot �flowed over as Vincenzo watched the warehouse burning like a fireworks show. He gave a sense of satisfaction to viewers while reciting the Italian lyrics “Fade, you stars! At dawn, I will win!”


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