April Lee Hyunjoo’s Brother Once Again Hits Back at DSP’s Official Statement

The younger brother of Lee Hyunjoo, a former member of April, counterclaimed DSP Media’s official statement as he refuted every claim made, one by one.

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On the 3rd, a post was made to an online community titled ‘I’m Lee Hyunjoo’s brother.’ The original poster (OP) revealed that he was Lee Hyunjoo’s younger brother and that he started by writing that he never imagined he’d have to talk again.

“I saw the stories of my sister’s company, other April members, and their acquaintances along with horrible texts received by my parents and knew that they had no guilt. My sister seems to have been depicted as a rather strange person as their claims exclude accurate reasons, so I am about to talk about the specific truths,” he wrote.

On the claim that his sister wanted to be an actor when April was initially formed but was persuaded to join the team anyways, he said that she told the company several times about being bullied right from the beginning of the debut. “She told the company multiple times that she cannot debut with the team, but they persuaded her to take a few days off thinking about it. She thought that the bullying would be a little better if she went back into the process. She practiced alone, watching dance videos. That’s why I said that she quitted not because she wanted to become an actress, but because she was bullied,” he explained.

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He also said that the bullying in fact did not get better at all. He claims that it was so different for her when she returned, and she had difficulties participating faithfully in her activities due to her physical and mental issues. “These problems got more severe as she endured through them and had no place to rest nor escape the pain. Hence, a lot of problems rose upon her body. My sister often collapsed on her way to work in between her schedules and practices. And the manager and the members who knew she was sick, would also just leave her be without immediately taking her to the hospital. Consequently, my sister suffered from breathing difficulties and a lot of pain, having to go to various hospitals to get better.”

The OP also wrote in regards to the “Tinker Bell” era, from which the DSP Media claims that Hyunjoo strongly argued to leave April. “The hospital said that my sister will be even sicker if she continued her activities, and she told this to the company asking to take a few months off. But the company told her to choose between joining team activities, and leaving for good,” he claimed. He also explained that Hyunjoo would sleep on the floor of the company’s restroom, washed in the company’s shower room while promoting “Tinker Bell” because she could not stand being in the group’s dorm. “My sister decided to leave because she couldn’t take it anymore. I’m sure the company and the members know about this, as they have sent us a wreath apologizing to us, with some money.”

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He also attached Lee Hyunjoo’s hospital records while adding that he did not want to post such things, but had to, as he wanted the wrongdoers to apologize. “My sister just wanted an apology. Please, I beg you. Don’t mess with my sister’s painful memories and trauma anymore. Support my sister who always works hard. She is too awesome to be hated. Do not cause further harm. And I hope the members will reflect on themselves, apologize, and acknowledge what they did,” he concluded.


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