(G)I-DLE’s Soojin’s School Violence Scandal Sees a New Stage After a Classmate Defends the Idol

Credit: News1
Credit: News1

While (G)I-DLE’s Soojin’s school violence scandal continues to stir up the online world, an alleged classmate of the idol stepped up to defend her friend.

On Feb 25, a post titled “The story of (G)I-DLE’s Soojin’s and Seo” sparked another heated debate. In this post, writer A refuted the previous claims of Soojun bullying actress Seo Shin Ae in middle school.

Regarding the allegation of Soojin placing cigarettes in Seo Shin Ae’s drawer, A stated, “If the claim is true, it was the action of that gang (of delinquents), but Soojin was not one of them. Soojin used to be close to them but drifted apart in the second year of middle school (8th grade), and Soojin became an outcast because of them. Seo Shin Ae transferred to our school in 8th grade.”

A also mentioned the claims of Soojin talking crap about Seo Shin Ae behind her back. “This, too, wasn’t Soojin but that gang. I have never left her (Soojin’s) side for two whole years. We even went to restrooms together and spent every minute of the day together. I’m not trying to say that what these victims claim is wrong but that Soojun never bullied Seo Shin Ae.” A wrote.

Earlier this week, Soojin’s school violence scandal has swept the online communities. The idol and her agency refuted all claims/rumors, but the controversy is still ongoing.


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