Hwang In Yeop Thanks His Fans for All the Love He Received Through a Heartfelt Letter

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True Beauty actor Hwang In Yeop expressed his sincere gratitude to his fans for all the love they have shown. 

On Feb 9, Hwang In Yeop posted a heartfelt letter he wrote on his Twitter.

“Hello, this is actor Hwang In Yeop.

It’s my first time writing a message to my fans, so I’m really nervous.

‘True Beauty’ will be remembered as a precious drama to me. I was truly grateful and happy to play a beautiful and wonderful character named Han Seo Joon.

And most importantly, this project is so precious to me because I was able to meet my fans who supported me.

Thank you for all the support and big love you have shown from the time I was filming to the moment True Beauty aired and closed its curtain. I wondered if I deserve such overwhelming love, but thanks to your support, I was able to finish shooting the drama without getting tired.

I feel sad to say goodbye to True Beauty and Seo Joon, but I hope it remains as a beautiful drama in the corner of your heart that you can take out whenever you miss it and want to see it.

I will do my best to show you further improvement. So please look forward to it and wait a little longer, and I’ll greet you with a whole new side of me. Thank you again for your support.

Don’t forget to wear masks till the day COVID-19 disappears. The weather is very cold.  Please take care of your health so that you don’t catch a cold, and I wish you all the best and happiness.

I truly thank you for thinking so fondly of me and loving me, and I love you.

Sincerely, Hwang In Yeop.”

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