Filming for ‘The Christmas Gift’ Officially Began on January 17th

The Christmas Gift (working title), illustrates a magical incident that occurred on Christmas Day. With a complete cast of popular actors, the movie has begun its first shooting.

Credit: Su Company, Prain TPC, MS Team Entertainment

The Christmas Gift is a story about Park Kang, a hit movie actor and the number one scandal maker as well as a top star enjoying the spotlight, and the drastic change in his life on Christmas day. Kwon Sang Woo, Oh Jung Se, Lee Min Jung, Park So Yi, and Kim Jun have completed the lineup with their vibrant charms.

Kwon Sang Woo, as he challenges various genres, will play the role of Park Kang who lives a dramatic life between a top star enjoying an exciting life of a single and an actor who reenacts parenting and an exhausting livelihood. Kwon Sang Woo hinted at a twist of the movie as he says, “I was able to showcase a comprehensive character through transformations and various looks.”

Oh Jung Se plays the character, Cho Yoon, a friend and manager of Park Kang. He is expected to provide a relatable character, as he claims, “Indeed I met an interesting character in an interesting movie.”

Lee Min Jung, who received much love for her acting in Once Again appears in the film as Soo Hyun, an old lover who reappears in front of Park Kang. Lee Min Jung says that she is excited to greet the audience through screens for the first time in nine years.

Credit: Top Ten Kids, H9 Company

Park So Yi who has emerged as a potential child star through Deliver us from Evil and Pawn, and Kim Jun who was a hot topic of Hospital Playlist with his cuteness, will play the roles of Park Kang’s ‘new gifts’ upon Christmas.

The Christmas Gift (working title) kicked off with its first shoot on January 17th amid positive expectations for the film. Kwon Sang Woo describes the film scenario to have “both joys and sorrows of life,” while Oh Jung Se says “a story warm and pleasant like a Christmas gift,” and Lee Min Jung calls it “a movie that can recreate the moments you missed.”

Source: Lotte Entertainment

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