“It’s Not Like That” Se Jeong Speaks Up About the Writer Replacement in ‘The Uncanny Counter’

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As the news about the replacement of The Uncanny Counter‘s writer has been reported with four episodes left until the end of the show, Kim Se Jung asked fans to “Just trust and follow me.”

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On the 17th, Yeo Ji Na, the writer of OCN’s Sat-Sun series The Uncanny Counter was told to have dropped out of the drama. Following this, Kim Se Jeong said on her Instagram, “I know everyone is shocked, but first, trust in me and follow me.” She also drew lines as she corrected some speculations, saying, “It’s not like that.”

Writer Yeo Ji Na’s departure is known to be due to the difference in opinions over the latter half of the show’s plot. While she wrote the script from the first to the 12th episode, the production crew and she had a conflict over the development of the drama. Eventually, she departed from it.

Instead, producer Yoo Sun Dong wrote the 13th episode which aired on the 16th. Though an experienced screenwriter, he was originally in charge of directing the show. Suspicions were raised previously as fans wondered whether the plot changed since episode 9 when the show took a break.

Questions were raised about why the writer was really replaced, especially as The Uncanny Counter was making history for OCN with its double-digit viewership ratings.

Credit: OCN

An individual from OCN said, “Yeo Ji Na decided to depart the show after mutual agreements with the production team, as they had different thoughts for the second half of the show.”


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