Anonymous Victim Provides Evidence of Yoon Hyung Bin’s Assistance to Assault

A victim, who will be referred to as “A”, revealed evidence that comedian Yoon Hyung Bin has assisted in his assault and failed to pay his wage.

Credit: Yoon Hyung Bin’s Instagram (@hyoungbin_yoon)

As A’s legal representative, lawyer Park Sung Hyun provided SpoTVNews the evidence claiming A as a victim of Yoon Hyun Bin’s assault assistance and mispaid wages.

A claims that Yoon Hyung Bin remained a spectator while he was assaulted and verbally abused by his colleagues. A also demanded a fair wage payment, saying that he only received 500k won (approximately 450 USD) each month for a year and a half, while working in Yoon Hyung Bin’s theatre.

As Yoon Hyung Bin filed charges for defamation and spreading false information against the accuser, legal representatives of A delivered hospital certificates, account transactions, and loan certificates as evidence to support his claim.

Credit: SpoTV News

A also disclosed a doctor’s confirmation letter which he got in 2016 after being slapped by a troupe member, Kim. Through this medical certificate, it was confirmed that he was diagnosed with an unknown hearing loss from the otolaryngology department.

According to A’s account transaction details, 500k won was deposited monthly from May 5th, 2016 to April of 2017, under the name of Yoon Sung Ho, Yoon Hyung Bin’s real name. Considering that the minimum wage in 2016 and 2017 was 6,030 and 6,470 won per hour, respectively, A has received less than half of the minimum wage.

Lawyer Park defended A, saying “there is no explanation for the alleged abetting of assault to be found anywhere in Yoon Hyung Bin’s claim. The same is true for Cho Ji Hoo, a fellow comedian who publicly criticized the victim on Instagram while defending Yoon Hyung Bin.”

The lawyer also revealed that “Yoon Hyung Bin did not take actions against the theatre’s members who assaulted and abused an underage employee, even after being asked to do so. Therefore, his claims will inevitably be seen to cloud the focus of the issue unless he explains about it.”


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  • […] Earlier on the 17th of last month, ‘A’ claimed in an online community that he was abused and assaulted by members of Yoon Hyung Bin’s small theatre in Busan during 2015. He also revealed that he only received 500k won (approximately 450 USD) each month for a year and a half, while being exploited in Yoon Hyung Bin’s theatre. He exposed the comedian as he claimed, “I am suffering from an impaired hearing, panic disorder, and schizophrenia because of this.” He claims to have a recording to support his claim. […]

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