Hong Jin Young Admits to Plagiarism and Apologizes Through a Heartfelt Letter

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Four days ago, Chosun University tentatively concluded that singer Hong Jin Young’s master’s thesis was plagiarized. And Yesterday, Hong Jin Young released an apology letter.

Hong Jin Young recently came under fire when her master’s thesis was reported to have recorded a 74 percent plagiarism rate in the plagiarism review site Copy Killer. At the time, she strongly denied the accusation but decided to return her dissertations. However, on Dec 15, a Research Integrity Committee under the Chosun University Ethics Committee came to a tentative judgment of plagiarism regarding her master’s thesis.

Yesterday afternoon, Hong Jin Young officially admitted to plagiarism and released the following letter.

“Hello, this is Hong Jin Young.

I know that it’s too late and that I can’t undo anything. However, I picked up my pen because I wanted to sincerely apologize and ask for forgiveness.

The report about the plagiarism has hit the wire on the day that I was making a comeback with a new song. I was so scared about what to say, and my mind went blank.

I think that even then, I couldn’t let go of my greed… I was so scared that I would never be allowed to be back on the stage as soon as I admitted to plagiarism.

That’s why I was busy trying to justify myself by saying things like, ‘The professor said no problem’ and ‘It’s not like I’m going to lecture with my degree.’ I was terrified that everything I’ve built up in my life so far would be seen as a lie.

I even had the complacent thought that if I returned my degree, then maybe people would let it go or even forgive me. That’s why I used the expression’ convention.’ Perhaps I was only thinking about finding my way out.

If a mistake has been made, one must adequately apologize and be chastised for it… But rather than reflecting on it, I was busy making excuses. What I did wasn’t mature or adult-like. I was wrong.

I will accept Chosun University’s tentative conclusion of plagiarism and repent deeply. I’ve deeply disrespected those who are preparing hard for their master’s and doctoral dissertations all day and night. I’m sorry. I’ll admit everything and reflect on myself.

I have received greater love than I deserve. From now on, I will take time to look back on myself quietly and do meaningful and good things to repay the love I received.

Once again, I apologize. I’m truly sorry.”


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