BTS’s Smart Answer to Somewhat Rude Question, “It seems like Big Hit is in need of the next-BTS”

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BTS gave a witty answer to a sudden question from a reporter.

On November 20, BTS attended a press conference to commemorate the release of their new album BE. Suga sat out the event as he was recovering from his shoulder surgery.

At the Q&A section of the event, a reporter asked BTS, “Recently, Big Hit was listed on KOSPI, and certainly your achievements can’t be left out. But after it was listed, the fact that half of Bug Hit is BTS was pointed out as a weakness. It seems like for the company and for the K-pop market, there needs to be next-BTS. Do you think the second BTS or the next-BTS is possible?”

Jin first grabbed the mic and answered, “In fact, I think we need to think about the word next-BTS. There was a time when we dreamed of becoming singers, looking up to the best singers. But as we walked our own path, we got to pioneer our own path like this.” He added, “I’m sure our juniors will do better. I’m sure some trainees have chosen us as their role models, but I believe they will blaze a trail in their own way. They will do better than us.”

Jimin responded, “I don’t think we have ever thought of our juniors. Every time we release an album, we think we are starting anew. We will first try to show you our improved performance.”

BTS was once again asked about their plans for enlistment. Jin, the eldest of the group, said, “As a young Korean man, military service is a natural thing. If I am drafted, I will answer, and that goes the same to all our members.”

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