Seungri Denies Charges Again + His Friend Gives Testimony on Seungri’s Behalf, But Jung Joon Young Failed to Attend as Witness

Credit: Yonhap News

Seungri and Yoo In Seok, two key figures in the so-called “Burning Sun Gate,” are making two different statements over prostitution mediation charges.

Today, Seungri’s third hearing for his charges related to the Burning Sun scandal took place at the Ground Operations Command’s general military court in Yongin. Seungri showed up, but Jung Joon Young and Yoo In Seok, who were called in as witnesses, failed to attend the trial for reasons including mental and physical weakness.

Seungri is currently accused on a total of 8 charges: habitual illegal gambling, solicitation of prostitution, assistance in the solicitation of prostitution, violation of sexual crime laws through the spread of illegal sexual content via SNS, breach of business finance regulations, violation of food sanitation laws, embezzlement, and illegal foreign monetary transactions. And like he did from the first hearing, he denied all charges except the violation of the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act.

It is said that Seungri stated that he doesn’t remember about all 7 charges that he denied. But about the prostitution mediation charge, Seungri said, “I didn’t take part in Yoo In Seok’s prostitution business.” Kim, Seunri’s old friend and former Burning Sun employee, backed Seugri’s statement as he said, “I only did what was instructed by Yoo In Suk (not by Seungri).”

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