Netizens Unearth Surprising Pre-Debut Stories and Old Photos Of aespa’s Winter

In the midst of rookie girl group aespa’s debut, netizens have been discussing member Winter’s personality among themselves

Earlier in the week, various sources from online communities posted Winter’s pre-debut pictures and students from her old school shared different stories about her.

One user, who claimed to have gone to Winter’s middle school, said, “she’s so much prettier without makeup, and she has a deer-like face, just like Yoona.”

A commenter even revealed that Winter was the vice-president of her school’s student body.

Another user said, “I had to retake my senior year, and when I was preparing for my college entrance exams, Winter gave me a present for my birthday. I knew she’d make it big. I’ve never seen her talk bad or curse and she helped a lot of other kids out. She also took good care of the kids in the special education classes.”

One netizen wrote, “She’s shy towards people she doesn’t know well, but she’s very lively when she’s around her friends. I’m sure there will never be a scandal about her past personality.”

Someone else shared, “Since she was so pretty and good at dancing even in middle school, I always believed that she’d be successful.”

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