TWICE Looks Traumatized in Singing Live, and We Don’t Wanna See That No More

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TWICE members looked traumatized in singing live, and still, the controversy of their singing skills has come under fire again.

In the recent episode of Mnet’s M Countdown, TWICE came through a fierce comeback competition and grabbed the trophy. On the stage, all 8 members wore fancy outfits and showed flawless group dance, proving why they became the top K-pop girl group.

The problem was the encore stage. The controversy over their questionable singing skills has surfaced once again after their somewhat embarrassing performance. Except for Jihyo and Nayeon, who are the two vocal members of the group, most of the members seemed to feel burdened or even traumatized at the continued criticisms over their skills.

This is not the first time that TWICE’s “horrific performance” started a heated debate. A similar situation was created when TWICE decorated the encore stage of M Countdown in June with “MORE & MORE.” The notes were shaky, the lyrics were inaccurate, and difficult parts were not even sung. It’s not just the encore stage. YouTube is full of MR-removed video clips that show why TWICE’s singing ability came under fire.

On the other hand, TWICE faces are defending the group saying that they are trying and that the song is too high for their vocal range.

Of course, TWICE is the best girl group in terms of performance. However, if the controversy over singing ability continues to pop out every time they make their comeback, what’s the point of just “ignoring” the issue?

It’s not just TWICE’s problem. The trend of performance-type idols has always sparked controversy over their singing ability. It’s great to impress the fans with jaw-dropping performances. But performance is based on melodies and lyrics, which means that the songs are supposed to be sung properly. This is why the term “skilled idols” (who can sing and dance) is just absurd.

K-pop has become the nation’s best cultural product. They even play a big role in cultural diplomacy. That’s why it’s time to thoroughly verify and make efforts to ensure that more idols can be noted for not only their performances but also with their singing skills.

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