Jay Park, Who Started Out as a K-pop Idol, Shares His Plan to Make Idol Groups After His Retirement

Credit: Jay Park Instagram

Jay Park, the head of hip-hop label AOMG, has announced his retirement plans.

In the upcoming episode of MBC’s Radio Star, which will air today, Jay Park appeared as a guest and shared his plans for his retirement, saying, “It’s is difficult to maintain my personal career while running a company.”

Jay Park has continued his unrivaled career as an artist, from a member of 2PM to a unique hip-hop artist, and later as the head of AOMG, the nation’s largest hip-hop label.

In a pre-released video of Radio Star, Jay Park revealed that he plans to retire in the next two years. About what he would do after retirement, the artist said that he wishes to launch idol groups based on his experience and success as an idol to a hip-hop artist. It is said that he stated that he is planning a business that no one has tried in the Korean hip-hop scene before, drawing keen attention.

Credit: HIPHOPLE/YouTube

This is not the first time he mentioned his retirement. Jay Park appeared on the YouTube channel “HIPHOPLE” back on September 14 and chatted about his future plans with ZICO.

At the time, he said, “How long should I try not to lose the light to others? This is such a tiring life.” He then added, “The reason I’ve been doing this all this time is because I enjoyed doing it and had the thought of sharing some of my light to artists I respect when I’m influential. I just simply like things like that – If someone’s life can change because of me.”

Credit: Jay Park Instagram

On July 3, Jay Park had also uploaded a video clip of the song “Encore” on his Instagram and caught the attention of many fans and netizens. Along with the clip, he wrote, “This song really hints at my retirement. I have put in my all, so I think I can leave without regrets.”

Although Jay Park mentioned his retirement multiple times, this is the first time he has mentioned in detail what he would do after he leaves the music scene.

If you want to hear his plans in detail, then tune in for the upcoming episode of Radio Star, which will air on November 4 at 10:40 p.m. KST.

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