K-Drama Review: Love and Youth Drawn by ‘More Than Friends’

Edited by Seo Hae Lan
Translated by Kim Hoyeun

In More Than Friends, there are no star actors who guarantee success by name alone, a story that shows unexpected twists, or a scene with outstanding cinematography, but there is a powerful sense of “sympathy.” The situations and emotions that the characters go through are something that we have experienced at least once or will experience someday.
This article dives into the “love” in the drama and predicts the upcoming plot. And there will be many different kinds of love, cruel one-sided love, realistic dating, single since birth and unintended love triangle.


Kyung Woo Yeon – Lee Soo: 10 Years of “Pointless” Heartache

Credit: JTBC

Woo Yeon has a crush on a handsome and kind Soo, her high school friend, but Soo draws a clear line and rejects her confession twice. She misunderstands his kindness and anticipates his “love,” always ending up with a broken heart. To Woo Yeon, who is trying to put an end to her crush, Soo only symbolizes her past and scar.
On the other hand, Soo now has to hold his own feet to the fire. Woo Yeon is clearly keeping him at arm’s length and starts to “flirt” with Ohn Joon Soo. Soo holds on to Woo Yeon, saying that he feels responsible for her crush, but ends up leaving a deeper scar on her. When Woo Yeon and Joon Soo officially go on a date, Soo regrets the thousands of opportunities he has missed and begins his desperate unrequited love for Woo Yeon.
It’s a shame Woo Yeon fell in love with Soo, who is endlessly selfish. Responding defensively to all Soo’s words and actions so as not to be hurt again, it’s so understandable. If you have shed tears from one-sided love at least once in your life, you won’t have any other choice but to sympathize with her. Yet, starting from episode 8, the tables have turned. And now, Soo is waiting for Woo Yeon. I’m sure the two will end up together. If the process is well-described, then I will be able to gladly celebrate the end of the two’s “pointless heartache.”


Kyung Woo Yeon – Ohn Joon Soo: A Bad Relationship with a Good Person?

Credit: JTBC

Whenever Woo Yeon called Lee Soo and poured out her drunk rants, Joon Soo, the new owner of the number, was on the other side of the call. As a person with the same pain, he gets fond of Woo Yeon. Joon Soo approaches Woo Yeon wholeheartedly, and she eventually accepts his heart.
However, their relationship is already rocky. Joon Soo likes Woo Yeon so much that he foolishly waits for her even when she goes to see another man, but he always feels anxious thinking that she can leave him anytime. Feeling rushed, he will do everything to capture Woo Yeon’s heart, but that will only alienate the two.
If one person desperately tries to hold on to another person, can that be considered a good relationship? At this point, Joon Soo needs to listen carefully to his friend Min Sang Shik’s words, “If you’re anxious, then you need to let go. It’s not yours.”


Kim Young Hee – Shin Hyun Jae: Love Alone Cannot Guarantee the Future

Credit: JTBC

Everyone thinks the two, who have been dating for 10 years, will get married one day, but Young Hee is not sure. She is the only one who needs to take care of her widowed mother and younger brother. Since dreaming for a bright future is a luxury for her, she worries that she would have to let Hyun Jae go. However, Hyun Jae despairs as he thinks that Young Hee avoids the marriage because he failed to give her enough trust and chooses to wait. As always, he hopes that he can share everything with Young Hee.
Up to episode 8, the two keep their pace regarding marriage and the future. While the drama presents heart-fluttering moments with unrequited love and a love triangle, it also deals with the reality of the couple through the Kim Young Hee-Shin Hyun Jae relationship. Thanks to these two, More Than Friends does not remain as just a light rom-com.


Han Jin Joo – Jin Sang Hyuk: Let’s Not Hurry the Romance

Credit: JTBC

Jin Joo, a graduate of the best university and a prosecutor, has never met “the one.” She thinks that dating a man, who is of the same level and has a fine figure, is what she deserves after all the efforts. On the other hand, Sang Hyuk chose to work instead of going to college and finally opened his own restaurant. He has achieved his goal and often gets together with his good friends, so he thinks there is no need to date.
Like this, the drama tells the story of those who stay single. Jin Joo’s delusions, despair, and drunken frenzy certainly give a big laugh, but no one treats her as an abnormal who can’t date despite her age. Instead, More Than Friends depicts the impatience of those who can’t keep up with love and marriage that became a rite of passage for adults. Jin Joo and Sang Hyuk stayed as close friends until episode 8, but their relationship is expected to start a new chapter as a younger college student, whom Jin Joo got to know through a car accident, walked into her life.

Verdict: It might not be perfect, but love is another privilege that youth can enjoy (6/10)

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