What Do You Think About aespa’s “Avatar” Concept?

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Lee Soo Man, CEO of SM Entertainment, unveiled the concept of the new girl group aespa.

At the 2020 World Culture Industry Forum held on October 28, Lee Soo Man personally introduced SM Entertainment’s rookie girl group aespa.

He said, “I believe the moment ‘aespa’ is first introduced to the world, you will definitely experience new entertainment through their appealing story outside of their music, visuals, and performances.”

Lee Soo Man then added, “I’d like to reveal a bit of storytelling, the core of the aespa’s content,” and unveiled the teaser video (from 1:41:00) featuring member Karina (Yoo Ji Min) and her avatar, æ-Karina (My, Karina). The clip shows Karina communicating with her virtual avatar. The two would stream V Live together and even practice a choreography together.

Regarding the video, Lee Soo Man said, “As you can see, aespa has artist members who exist in the real world. And there are avatar members who exist in the virtual world. The storytelling is about how they interact and communicate through the digital world, a space between reality and virtuality.”

“They talk to each other and help each other. They also become friends and share information. They do things in their respective world and share what they do. They will also eventually be able to visit each other’s world. So please look forward to it,” he continued.

In the released video, not only was the concept of the group revealed, but it also showed a glimpse into other members who are still veiled, drawing keen attention.

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