UPDATE: SM Entertainment Announces Members of Their Rookie Group aespa


Credit: SM Entertainment
Credit: SM Entertainment

The 4th member of SM Entertainment’s new girl group aespa has been unveiled.The 4th (and possibly the last) member is a 20-year-old Japanese GISELLE. According to the label, GISELLE is a member with solid rap skills. Also, she is known to be fluent in Japanese, Korean and English, raising the expectations.

Starting on October 27, SM Entertainment dropped information about a total of 4 members, WINTER, KARINA, NINGNING and GISELLE. With this, aespa is confirmed to be a multinational group with two Korean members WINTER and KARINA, Chinese member NINGNING and Japanese member GISELLE.

aespa is expected to have a total of eight members, consisting of four “real-world” members and four “virtual world” avatars.



Credit: SM Entertainment
Credit: SM Entertainment

The third member of SM’s new group aespa has been unveiled.

On October 29, SM released teaser images of aespa’s third member, Ningning.

According to the agency, Ningning is an 18-year-old Chinese member with excellent singing techniques.

Earlier, Ningning’s face was revealed through SM Rookies. SM Rookies was a pre-debut training team created by SM Entertainment in 2013. It comprises young trainees who have yet to debut in an idol group. The project has yielded idols such as Red Velvet, NCT, and aespa.



Credit: SM Entertainment
Credit: SM Entertainment

Karina, the second member of SM Entertainment’s new girl group aespa, has been making headlines after being revealed earlier today.

Karina is a 20-year-old Korean member who possesses not only vocal skills but also rap and dance skills, making her a member with multi-talented charms. Many have high hopes for her appearance in the future.


Original Article

Credit: SM Entertainment
Credit: SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment unveiled the first member of their newly-launching girl group aespa, WINTER.

At midnight on October 27 KST, SME released a teaser image of WINTER, drawing attention from global music fans.

WINTER is a 19-year-old Korean member with amazing vocal and dance skills. Attention is focusing on what she will show as aespa.

Meanwhile, aespa is a combination of “æ,” which comes from the words “avatar,” “experience,” and “aspect.” The name also symbolizes the worldview of “being able to experience a new world through another avatar of yourself.”

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