Lee Seung Gi Says He Was Never Happy After the Success of His Debut Song ‘You’re my girl’

Credit: SBS

Lee Seung Gi spoke frankly about his life.

In the recent episode of SBS’s Master in the House, which aired on October 25, actor Bae Sung Woo appeared as a master and had time to share honest stories with the cast members.

During the talk, Lee Seung Gi drew his “life graph” and explained, “I met my teacher Lee Sun Hee and right after I debuted with ‘You’re my girl,’ I saw a great success.” He then pointed at his “emotional graph” that is plummeting down and said, “But I felt a lot of pressure. I was always nervous and that’s why my self-esteem was at rock bottom. I should say there was not a single day when I was happy at that time. You know my voice is even different at the time.”

He then added, “But my graph goes up when I joined the military. My only worries then were things like ‘When am I going to eat?’ so I had a great time.”

Lee Seung Gi also showed satisfaction in his life now. “Personally, I am the happiest man now. I feel like I have found the balance between human Lee Seung Gi and celebrity Lee Seung Gi,” he continued. “I didn’t listen to my voice before, but now I do listen to it. I think I hurt myself hoping for the success of celebrity Lee Seung Gi.”

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