MAMAMOO’s Pre-Released Song ‘Dingga’ Is a One Funky Song

MAMAMOO has expressed their desire to deliver a bright energy through the pre-released song “Dingga.”

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Ahead of their official comeback with their new mini-album TRAVEL, MAMAMOO first unveiled the non-title track “Dingga.” This album has been at the center of the talk as it is the group’s first comeback as a whole group in about a year.

“Dingga” is a song that fully delivers MAMAMOO’s cheerful charm. With a simple but addictive melody and funky sound, the song delivers the message of “let’s get through this tough time with excitement and joy.”

Q1. Is there a special reason why you chose to pre-release “Dingga”?
While working on the new album, there were so many good options for the title song, so we had to think over and over. After much discussion, we chose a song with strong performance as our title song and decided to pre-release “Dingga,” which is easy on the ears, as a cheerful warmup with our MooMoos.


Q2. What is the key point in the choreography for “Dingga”?
It is a song that expresses the desire to play “Dinga Dinga” together in times when we have to maintain social distancing and live lonely daily lives. Therefore, there is this lyric “Do you want to gather your friends and have a drink/ Drink like a like a like a fish” in the chorus, and at that point, we have the key gesture of pretending to drink together.
Also, in the” Nanananana/ Dingga Dingga” section, there is a movement where you drag your finger on the floor as if you’re bored, and it would be great if you follow it as you recall memories of playing childhood games like “hopscotch.”

Credit: RBW

Q3. The concept of “retro funky” is impressive.
As the song expresses the desire to play with friends in difficult situations due to social distancing, we wanted to present a fun party in the music video. And on top of that, we planned a newtro concept, including dancing in the roller skating rink, in line with the retro genre.


Q4. What is the charm of MAMAMOO that you want to show with this pre-released song?
I think “Dingga” is a song that illustrates MAMAMOO’s exciting and bright charm. We wanted to deliver MAMAMOO’s unique energy. We hope that you’ll look forward to our cheerful images like in “Um Oh Ah Yeh.”


Q5. If you give a hint to your new mini-album TRAVEL?
With this album, we will present a new music genre that we have never shown before and a spectacular performance that matches it. We have put all our efforts in, so please look forward to it.


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