Why You Should Watch tvN’s Upcoming Entertainment Show ‘K-Ocean Pathfinders’

Credit: tvN

K-Ocean Pathfinders, starring Kim Nam Gil, Go Ah Sung, Park Sung Woong, and Go Kyu Pil, is gearing up to greet the viewers.

Set to premiere today at 10:50 p.m. KST, K-Ocean Pathfinders is an entertainment show where the actor voyages from the West Sea to the East Sea by boat. It will feature a week of yacht voyage with best friends, along with the beautiful scenery of the Korean Strait.

The show will start its journey from Mokpo and introduce a sea route that passes through Chujado Islands, Jeju Island, Maemuldo Islands, and Ulleungdo Island, to the final destination of Dokdo Island. This route will be about 1,094 km (about 680 miles).

Since the shooting continued nonstop for 11 nights and 12 days, the production team cast “real friends” so that they could rely on each other during the tough times. In all, they were able to complete the perfect combination – Kim Nam Gil and his close friend Park Sung Woong, and Go Kyu Pil, who Kim Nam Gil traveled with for Trans-Siberian Pathfinders, and Go Ah Sung, who is close to Park Sung Woong and Go Gyu Pil.

Producer Lee Chan Hyun said, “Like Trans-Siberian Pathfinders, the show will present a strange trip with close friends. I hope you enjoy watching them learn the beauty of the trip that set off without knowing much, show off their chemistry, and discover their own enjoyment.”

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