Lee Joon Hyuk Shares His Wish to Appear on ‘Stranger 3’ as Seo Dong Jae Again

In Stranger 2, Lee Joon Hyuk successfully made Seo Dong Jae into a character that everyone loves and cares. Seo Dong Jae, who is too “mean” to be a good person but too “bitter” to be a villain, received much love for his extraordinary presence in season 2, following season 1.

On Oct. 5, the actor’s agency ACE FACTORY released Lee Joon Hyuk’s thoughts about the end of the show.

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Q1. How do you feel about the end of the show?
I think time really flies by. It’s amazing that I’ve already finished two seasons of Stranger. Thank you for loving and supporting Stranger, and personally, thank you sincerely for waiting for Dong Jae. If we can meet again, I pray that I can greet you as Seo Dong Jae once again.


Q2. The 8 minutes and 30 seconds scene where Dong Jae self-promote himself to Oh Tae Ha was a one-take shot.
I have a good short-term memory, but I go blank as soon as I turn around. So I just did my best and invested a lot of time. In fact, Dong Jae talks too much that every scene is bound to remain in my memory (laughs). He talks like 10 pages nonstop, so most of them are memorable.


Q3. What has changed about Seo Dong Jae in season 2?
Though Dong Jae didn’t want to recognize Hwang Shi Mok, he ended up having trust and heart for him as he had no other choice. In season 1, Dong Jae met such amazing people (Hwang Shi Mok, Han Yeo Jin, Lee Chang Jun, Young Eun Soo). I think he felt something deep down through them. Also, I believe that with the disappearance of Lee Chang Jun, even one of Dong Jae’s worlds disappeared as well.

Credit: tvN

Q4. How was your reunion with fellow actors?
It was really nice to see them. The scenes gave off a dreamy vibe, so it felt like we really went back in time. I think everyone grew and became stronger than before. It was nice because it seemed like they were spending the present well enough to remember the past happily.


Q5. What does Seo Dong Jae mean to Lee Joon Hyuk?
Dong Jae is the kind of friend I always wanted to meet in my works. I was attracted to him from the beginning. In reality, I’m sure he’ll do better than me (laughs). What I want to say is, “Dong Jae, you have to speak less. You don’t have to talk long since there are many other ways you can express yourself than in just words.” If we meet again, I hope that he becomes a bit more gentle.


Q6. Any words to viewers?
I think this project shined because many people showed their love for it. Thank you so much for listening to the story, and also I didn’t know you’d worry so much about Dong Jae, and that was really grateful. Thanks to all of you, I think I will get more fond of Dong Jae. Thank you.


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  • He is a versatile actor. I really like him very much since I watched city hunter😍.I hope next season he may have more scenes. I wish he gets more projects in the future. Please give him romantic comedy too 😊☺🤗🤩

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