Did You Know that SS501 Didn’t Like Their Song ‘U R Man’?

Credit: SBS

SS501’s Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong chat about behind-the-scenes stories about their song “U R Man.”

On Oct. 2, SS501’s Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong appeared on SBS’s “Civilization Express” Chuseok special TV pilot to have an interview with Jaejae (MC of YouTube ‘Civilization Express’) and perform “U R Man.”

When asked about the song, Heo Young Saeng said, “It’s definitely a song that you listen to behind closed doors.” He soon added, “I really wanted to fill the stage with cool group dance, but then we had to sing this. It has that trot-like vibe,” giving a big laugh.

Heo Young Saeng continued, “I didn’t cry but was really mad. Then for some reason, I found myself singing along to the song. And that pissed me off even more.” Kim Kyu Jong added, “If people say it’s a good song, then it is a good song.”

Jaejae also mentioned their outfits, saying, “You guys wore ties on your neck.” Kim Kyu Jong replied, “I just put on what they gave me.” Looking at their past performances, Jaejae pointed out that Heo Young Saeng was gradually buttoning up his shirt, to which he explained, “I’ve lost a lot of weight for our comeback. But I got busy and ate a lot, so I had no choice to button them up more and more.”

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