The Only Black Girl in K-pop Scene Come Under Spotlight

Credit: Fatou Instagram

Black Swan’s Fatou became a hot topic among netizens. It’s because she is the only black girl in the history of K-pop.

Fatou was born in 1995 and is from Senegal. She acts as the main rapper in the group. What caught the most attention was her model-like figure and her attractive visuals. Despite her exotic visuals, she perfectly pulls off K-pop style, receiving great love from fans even before the group’s official debut.

Besides the fact that she is black, many are showing pride in how far K-pop has come.

Meanwhile, Black Swan will make their debut sometime this year. They are managed by DR Music and are known as a multinational girl group. Another interesting thing about the group is that they are a rebranded version of RaNia (Hyeme, Youngheun, Larissa), with additional two members, Fatou and Judy.

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