Big Bang’s TOP Shares Adorable Text Messages He Exchanged with WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo

Credit: Cine21, YG Entertainment

Big Bang’s TOP gave an update for Chuseok by sharing a screenshot of some text messages he exchanged with WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo.

Along with the screenshot, TOP also tagged simple hashtags “#GenerousChuseokFriend,” “#Commemorating2Years,” “#WINNERKimJinWoo,” showing his appreciation toward his junior idol for the Chuseok holiday greetings.

According to the photo, Kim Jin Woo sent his Chuseok greetings to TOP twice, and the first one was sent two years ago, drawing laughter.

Back in 2018, he wrote, “TOP bro! How you doing? Hope you have a great Chuseok and enjoy lots of delicious food.” TOP first responded with, “Who is this?” and Jin Woo replied, “It’s Jin Woo.” TOP writes back, “Thanks. Have a very joyous and flourishing Chuseok.”

After zero texts for the next two years, Jin Woo once again greets TOP by writing, “Seung Hyun hyung! How are you? Have a happy and joyous Chuseok!” To this, TOP wittily answers, “Thanks. Have a very joyous and flourishing Chuseok 2.”

Meanwhile, TOP was discharged from the military in July last year after completing his service as a social service agent, while Jin Woo is currently carrying out his mandatory military service as a social service agent.

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