Ha Ji Won Says, “If I get a chance, I’d like to work with Jo In Sung once again”

Ha Ji Won made her comeback to the big screen for the first time in five years with Pawn.

Credit: CJ Entertainment

Pawn is about a man, who would do anything for money, and his co-worker raising a child they took as a collateral. She and child actor Park So Yi played the role of Seung Yi, who grows up as an interpreter.

One day before the release of Pawn, Ha Ji Won held an interview and expressed her feelings about her upcoming movie.

Confessing that she cried when she first read the script, Ha Ji Won talked about her first impression of the movie.
“I thought a lot of my dad. He passed away, so I missed the moments I called him ‘dad,’ and I just felt the same way as Seung Yi. This part was really touching.”

Credit: CJ Entertainment

She then laughed as she recalled the moments she had to play 20-year-old Seung Yi.
“At first I strongly opposed playing a 20-year-old role, but the director told me that it would be more smooth in connecting the emotions if I was the one to perform Seung Yi from her college days. I was reluctant, but I still prepared for it. I took more attention to clothes and hairstyles to look more like a college student. I tried to look younger with less makeup, and chose clean color tones for my clothes, like shirts and jeans.”

To the question, if she physically feels her age, Ha Ji Won gave an honest answer.
“I used to play a younger role than my age, but now I’d like to talk more about those I can express at my age. I’ve worked on many projects, but I’m looking forward to doing more in the future. I want to express characters I haven’t tried before.”

In the past interview, Ha Ji Won cited What Happened in Bali co-star Jo In Sung as an actor she wants to work together once again.
“When we filmed What Happened in Bali, me and Jo In Sung both had a ‘strong’ love story. So we said to each other to someday work together on a good project. That’s why I said that in the past interview, and if we really do get a chance, it will be fun to work with him one more time. When I act, I tend to accept everything and give everything. I think I act because I like to exchange such breathings.”

Credit: CJ Entertainment

Ha Ji Won also expressed her feelings about becoming Sung Dong Il’s “eldest daughter.”
“I really wanted to work with him, and I really enjoyed his natural charm. Then he told me that I am his eldest daughter (laughs). He always jokes about wanting to do a romance with me, but at the scene, he treated me as his daughter.”

She candidly opened up about marriage and love.
“I’ve never really thought about these in particular. I do think I can get married if I want to, but it’s not like I don’t have any plans for marriages. If there is a chance, and if the right moment comes, I will get married. I’m staying busy these days and spending more time for myself. I watch the movies I missed, read books, and spend time with my family and friends. It’s fun just looking back on me, not me in the works.”

Pawn is set to be released on Sept. 29.

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