Kim Bo Ra Chooses “Attractive Character” as the Reason in Joining ‘SF8’ Project


Kim Bo Ra recently received positive reviews for her performances in SF8: Joan’s Galaxy. Kim Bo Ra said, “It was refreshing experience as an actor, playing a role that fits just like my clothes.”

SF8: Joan’s Galaxy is based on a novel of the same title and depicts the story of youths living in the near future covered with fine dust. Kim Bo Ra played the role of Joan, the only N in the school, in a world where the average life expectancy is divided into 100 years (C) and 30 years (N) according to one’s wealth.

In a telephone interview with STARTODAY, Kim Bo Ra first said, “I’m grateful for all the love we received.”


What motivated her to join a project that features a strange genre not normally seen in the Korean TV series? “I received the script and it was so good,” Kim Bo Ra said, adding that she didn’t have second thoughts about her appearance.

As for the specific reason why she was attracted to the project, she cited “charming characters.” “Free-spirited and straightforward Joan was attractive. I never really got to play such a free-spirited character before, so I thought it would be fun.”

SF8: Joan’s Galaxy presents such an unexpected sweet atmosphere that the phrase “somewhere between friendship and love” fits in perfectly. In the process of dramatizing the novel, the two main characters went from one male and one female to two females. To which, Kim Bo Ra said, “It may seem like such an obvious story when it comes to two opposite-sex characters, but it became attractive because some stories became a bit difficult to understand under same-sex characters.”

With this work, Kim Bo Ra actually released the song “Breath of the Star” she sang in front of people and showed off her impressive singing skills. She said, “Actually, the director wrote the lyrics. I was worried about what I should do if the song was too difficult, but the music director wrote the song to my tone, so I got to work on it comfortably.”

Kim Bo Ra started acting at the age of 10, and has steadily built up her filmography for 15 years since 2005. She confessed that she was unsure of her acting career till now, but recently rediscover her dream of becoming an “actor.” And she chose Children of Heaven‘s Sung Ah and SKY Castle‘s Hye Na as her favorite characters.

Finally, Kim Bo Ra expressed her passion for acting by saying that she wants to play as many roles as possible.

“From a character in a tragic story to student roles, I want to play as many roles as possible in various works. I won’t be greedy and will work hard in my given position as a good actor. I also want to be a ‘senior’ actor who tries to make more space for those who dream of being actors.”

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