[Upcoming K-Drama] Character Guide to the Love Triangle in ‘When I Was the Most Beautiful’

When I Was the Most Beautiful, scheduled to premiere on August 19, depicts the precarious love of the two brothers for the same woman and their cruel fate.

Jo Hyun Kyung, who wrote the script for When I Was the Most Beautiful, said that she wrote the story 15 years ago, but at the time, the unconventional material introduced in work was almost impossible to air on TV, and that she finally got to present it. The title of the drama comes from the poem of Noriko Ibaragi, a Japanese poet.

Let’s take a look at the three main characters and their fateful love.


Im Soo Hyang – Oh Ye Ji (a ceramic artist and a student-teacher)

Credit: MBC

She is an honest person who smiles and cries easily. She chooses not to love though she is lonely and pretends to be bright to forget her tough reality, which is bound to be dark. However, the moment she visits Yangpyeong as a student-teacher turns her life upside down. Hwan, who is bright just like his name, and Jin, who approaches her with passion. The meeting with the two brothers breaks down Ye Ji’s wall.


Ji Soo – Seo Hwan (a high school student)

Credit: MBC

Hwan fell in love with Ye Ji, who was on the first day of her student teacher training, but the man Ye Ji loves is his brother. Hwan only took Ye Ji to his father’s workshop, but he didn’t know it would give an opportunity for her to connect with him. But he can’t let go of his fateful first love.


Ha Seok Jin – Seo Jin (a race car driver)

Credit: MBC

If Hwan accepts all the pain and the fate that lies before his eyes, Jin chooses to run away, turning a blind eye to things he doesn’t want to see. He exercises hard to be stronger and enjoys extreme sports, but the emptiness he feels after his father’s accident cannot be filled. Jin approaches Ye Ji though he knows Hwan’s feelings.


Hwang Seung Eon – Carry Jung (Seo Jin’s ex-girlfriend and marketing partner)

Credit: MBC

Carry Jung, a former supermodel, runs various competitions and sponsors on behalf of the chairman who is interested in car/bike-related leisure. Working with him, she fell in love with Jin, the leader of his rally team. She has no intention of giving up everything to be someone’s wife, but Jin’s cool and accepting attitude is rather hurtful. She belatedly realizes that her jealousy and desire for possession are indeed the evidence of love and begins to obsess over him.

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