Go Kyung Pyo Refutes the Allegations of Visiting Entertainment Bar

Credit: topstarnews

Actor Go Kyung Pyo expressed his bewilderment as he denied rumors of visiting an entertainment bar.

Earlier on the 14th, Go Kyung Pyo was suspected of visiting an entertainment bar in Cheongdam-dong. The controversy intensified as photos taken with women spread through online communities. Some netizens expressed disappointment by pointing out that the actor (who works with various people) visited an entertainment bar when the government warned of the spread of COVID-19. Also, the fact that the women in the pictures were personal BJs (Broadcast Jocke) raised more questions.

However, on August 15, Go Kyung Pyo’s agency stated, “Go Kyung Pyo stopped by at the company after filming his drama. Then we only had a drink or two at a nearby bar.”

Regarding the photo of the actor and other women, they said, “It’s not an entertainment bar. It’s only an ordinary bar. He never knew those women and only took pictures per their requests.”

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