Park Han Byul Has Moved to Jeju Island After Her Husband’s “Burning Sun Scandal”

Credit: MBC

Park Han Byul has left Seoul and has been staying in Jeju Island with her husband and son for nearly a year.

A source told OSEN on July 15 that Park Han Byul has cleaned up her life in Seoul and moved to Jeju Island with her husband and son. He added, “They didn’t move recently. The family has already been there since last year.”

Park Han Byul left for Jeju Island shortly after her husband’s involvement in “Burning Sun Scandle” became controversial.

“Since they all left for Jeju Island right after the Burning Sun Scandal, they have already been living there for about a year now,” the source said. “She doesn’t see her friends as often, but I think she has found some stability while raising her baby.”

Currently, Park Han Byul is taking a break from her acting career after finishing MBC drama Love in Sadness, which ended in April last year.

Credit: hankyung

Meanwhile, Park Han Byul’s husband, Yoo In Seok, was named a partner of Seungri, a former Big Bang member, and a key person in the Burning Sun Scandal. Along with Seungri, he was put on trial for arranging prostitution for a total of 24 times between 2015 and 2016 to foreign investors, including a group of Japanese businessmen. He is also known as a member of a group chat that includes Jung Joon Young, Choi Dong Hoon, and Seungri.

In a hearing held last month, he admitted to all charges of arranging prostitution and embezzling company funds.

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