iKON’s Ju-ne & Jay Are Suspected of Aiding and Abetting Drunk Driving

Credit: news1
Credit: news1

With iKON‘s Ju-ne (Koo Jun Hoe) and Jay (Kim Jin Hwan) riding in a drunk driving vehicle, the agency announced their official position.

At around 3:40 a.m. on July 13 KST, the car skidded in the rain on National Road No. 3 in Changseon-myeon, South Sea County, and hit a retaining wall. A total of three people, including driver A, who was in the car, were slightly injured and treated at a nearby hospital. Meanwhile, the two people in the vehicle were reported to be iKON’s Ju-ne and Jay.

The driver was drunk at the time. “The driver was drunk, and his alcohol level was enough to revoke his driver’s license,“ Namhae Police Station said in a telephone interview with Dispatch on July 14.

Ju-ne and Jay, who were riding on a drunk driving car, cannot avoid the criticisms. We plan to investigate whether the two aided and abetted the crime,“ an official from Namhae Police Station said. “The crime of aiding and abetting can be established if they encouraged drunk driving beyond simple companionship or asked for a ride.”

All three suffered minor injuries and were taken to a hospital in Sacheon. They returned home immediately after receiving emergency treatment. The driver was known as acquaintances of the two.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment issued an official statement on July 14.

“It has been confirmed that a car with some of the iKON members on board got in an accident on its way from Route 3 to the South Sea on July 13. The level of injury of the members who were in the vehicle, including driver A, was minor. After receiving emergency treatments, they returned to their dormitory and are currently in stable condition.

Although we have strict internal regulations for drunk driving, we feel very deeply concerned and responsible for the accident. We will investigate the relevant facts more closely and take stern measures accordingly. Driver A will faithfully participate in the police investigation.

We express our sincere apology.”

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