Netizens Are Frowning on Some People’s Desire to Drag Down AOA’s Seolhyun

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Netizens are frowning on some people’s over-the-line diatribes.

ON July 10, former AOA member Mina left a message on her Instagram for those who showed concerns over her. She thanks her fans and acquaintances to tell them she will try her best to get better.

Since then, some started to pay attention to the fact that AOA members pressed the “Like” button on the post. Soon after the writing was posted, AOA members Hyejung, Yuna, and Chanmi pressed the “Like” button.

However, some started to criticize Seolhyun for not showing her support by pressing the “Like“ button. They turned an arrow of criticism on Seolhyun, saying it’s clear who the bystander (of the bullying) was. Ever since Mina’s confessions, Seolhyun has been buried in criticisms for being a close friend of Jimin.

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Most netizens are frowning on their behaviors.

“The fact that you guys try to judge a person based on the ‘Like’ button is childish. Seriously, how old are you?”

“What the hell did Seolhyun do wrong?”

“Were you there at the scene? If not, then shut up.”

“Guys, now you’re nit-picking.”

Now, Seolhyun has also pressed “Like” on Mina’s post.

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