Lee Je Hoon Worked with Yoo In Na in Korea’s First Audio Cinema

Credit: Naver Audio Clip

Actor Lee Je Hoon expressed his feelings about participating in Korea’s first audio cinema Sleep Next to You (literal translation) with his voice acting.

The audio cinema Sleep Next to You, starring Lee Je Hoon and Yoo In Na, is based on a romance between Lee Yoo Shin (Lee Je Hoon), a star actor with terrible insomnia, and Yoon Ha Ru (Yoo In Na), whose voice can put him to sleep. This work is based on a popular NAVER web novel of the same name.

Lee Je Hoon played the role of Lee Yoo Shin, a start actor, and delicately delivered the changes in emotions of a character only with his voice, raising the level of immersion.

Lee Je Hoon said, “I enjoyed recording with gratitude about the fact that I got to participated in a new type of work called ‘Audio Cinema.’ I hope it will be a time for many people to fall in love with the audio cinema.”

Meanwhile, the full version of Sleep Next to You will be released exclusively on Naver Audio Clip Ozle Week from June 18 to June 24.

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