Former AOA Member Mina Shared the Hate Messages She Received

Credit: Dong A

Kwon Mina, a former member of AOA, released the screen-capture of the hate messages she received.

On June 16, Mina posted the hate messages she got on her Instagram and wrote, “I’m not usually the type to get easily hurt by malicious comments, but I’m having a hard time lately, so don’t be like this.”

The photo she released is the screen-capture of the hate DM she received. The photo shows the profile picture and the id of the woman who sent the malicious messages.

“Hey, attention seeking *****.”

“If you do this one more time, I will take legal action.”

“Do you have celebrity disease? It’s always the ****s without any talent going on about that.“

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“Hey, **** off. LOL. You literally don’t have anything better to do, you *****.”

Credit: Instagram “kvwowv”

Meanwhile, people are cheering Mina’s decision to capture the screen as it is without any editing.

“They need to what it feels like.”

“Just sue these haters.”

“What’s wrong with these people.”

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