The Malicious Commenter Who Attacked Mina and BJ Park So Eun Turned Out to Be the Same Person

Credit: Park So Eun, Mina Instagram
Credit: Park So Eun, Mina Instagram

Netizens were shocked by the news of BJ Park So Eun’s sudden death on July 13. (BJ means Broadcast Jockey, a person who works as an independent broadcaster on social media)

Many netizens picked a series of malicious comments as the reason behind famous BJ Park So Eun’s death. Her ex-boyfriend briefly released a screen capture on his Instagram on July 6 to support this.

Credit: Wikitree, Park So Eun’s Ex-boyfriend Instagram

The photo shows the direct messages he received from a hater who asks, “Does your girlfriend sell her body?” Also, the picture shows that the person had been harassing BJ Park So Eun every day, not just once.

But the shocking part comes next.

This hater is the same hater who sent Mina, a former AOA member, malicious comments, which pushed her to make the shocking confession. In fact, Mina wrote on her Instagram, “I really want to **** off, too,” and “I’m not usually the type to get easily hurt by malicious comments, but I’m having a hard time lately, so don’t be like this.”

Credit: Mina Instagram, Wikitree

This is the message sent to Mina.

“Hey, attention-seeking *****.”

“If you do this one more time, I will take legal action.”

“Do you have a celebrity disease? It’s always the ****s without any talent going on about that.“

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“Hey, **** off. LOL. You literally don’t have anything better to do, you *****.”

It has been revealed that the person is involved in two of the most shocking entertainment scandals that happened recently. BJ Park So Eun committed suicide, and Mina temporarily suspended her activities.

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