‘Good Casting’ Apologizes for Using a Controversial BTS Fan Letter

Credit: SBS

SBS’ Good Casting apologized for using a past controversial BTS fan letter.

The controversy grew when Good Casting aired a scene of Kang Woo Won reading letters from his fans on June 1st. After the episode aired, the netizens claimed that the fan letter was a past letter that was manipulated to slander BTS.

On June 2nd, the producers of Good Casting announced, “The scene required a lot of fan letters so a couple of the props team members got together and wrote fan letters in a hurry. They referred to partial images of fan letters online and didn’t know about the letter’s content or its controversy. We have confirmed that they didn’t mean any harm for the artist.”

The producers also added, “However, it is the producers’ fault for not paying attention to the details. We apologize for creating unnecessary misunderstanding and controversy. We plan to edit the scene so that you will be able to watch it without any discomfort. We will make sure that a mistake like this does not happen again in the future.”

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