Dawn Thanks HyunA For Her Lovely Birthday Gift

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Singer Dawn thanked his girlfriend HyunA for her lovely gift.

On May 31, Dawn posted a video he received as a gift from HyunA on his 27th birthday. The 8-minute video showed various people celebrating his birthday.

HyunA also appeared in the latter half, and said, “Happy 27th birthday, and I wanted to show you how so many people love and believe in you. I will always be with you and stand by your side, so I hope that we can rely on each other as we do now and stay together in happy days and sad days. And I want to support you on whatever you want to do. Just like now, let’s stay healthy together.”

To which, Dawn left a heartfelt message, “It is the happiest and the most thankful day in my life. How can so many people love me? Today, I can forget all the hard and exhausting days. Everyone who sent me messages, my fans, hyung, noona, friends, and my family, thank you so much, and I will live my life even harder, thanking you. HyunA, thank you for preparing and making the video even though you’re not good with machines. I love you.”

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