Berry Good’s Johyun Apologizes to Lovelyz’s Mijoo for Calling Her “Chopstick”

Credit: MBC Everyone

Berry Good‘s Johyun apologized to Lovelyz‘s Mijoo for her earlier remarks of referring Mijoo’s body as chopsticks.

On May 21, Johyun posted a message on her Instagram story, saying that ‘So cool and beautiful Mijoo, the goddess of the entertainment show. ”

She went on to say, “Tall as models! Exceptional height! I’m sorry for using such extreme expressions during entertainment shows for fun. I love you! I’m always rooting for you.”

Credit: Johyun Instagram

Earlier, Johyun and Mijoo appeared on MBC everyone’s Video Star, which aired on May 19. When the hosts mentioned the pre-interviews in which Johyun said that her body figure is better than Mifjoo. Johyun then added, “Of course, Mijoo is pretty, but she’s kind of like chopsticks. But I (on the other hand) recently filmed underwear commercials,” expressing pride his her figure.

However, after the broadcast, she was embroiled in a controversy over her rude remarks to a senior idol and comparing body figures.

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