Moon Ga Young Shares Her Affection for ‘Find Me In Your Memory’

Credit: MBC

Moon Ga Young emerged as the next generation of “Melo-queen” through Find Me In Your Memory.

Find Me In Your Memory, which ended on May 13, is a romance drama about anchorman Lee Jung Hoon (Kim Dong Wook), who remembers everything due to hyperthymesia, and a rising star Yeo Ha Jin (Moon Ga Young), which lives her life with passion. The subtle narrative and unpredictable development won enthusiastic support from the fans.

Moon Ga Young, who challenged her first leading role in the melodrama, got a pass for her honest, outspoken personality and heartfelt performances. In particular, she portrayed a confident and self-reliant character in such a lovely way as if she had really become the role. She even opened up a new SNS account as Yeo Ha Jin and participated in promoting the drama through live stream.

Credit: MBC

Through Find Me In Your Memory, Moon Ga Young acted as a couple with Kim Dong Wook. Despite the fact that the two characters showed the exact opposite in everything, they managed to show sweet romance different from other works. When asked about her favorite romance scene, she said, “I want to pick the back-hug scene. The scene, the atmosphere; I was so happy when I acted. I also remember the ending scene clearly.”

As for the process of completing Yeo Ha Jin, Moon Ga Young said, “I actually reflected a lot of myself. People around me said, ‘It’s just like you.'”

The actor showed more responsibility than a burden as she played the leading role. “It was a long-awaited opportunity. Kim Dong Wook and the director were so reliable that I thought to myself that I just needed to do my part well,” she said. “Especially, I worked hard to concentrate only on Ha Jin and nothing else.”

Credit: MBC

Find Me In Your Memory recorded an average of 3 to 4 percent viewership, which is not that high. However, the drama produced many fanatics online. She cited “the actor and the anchorman” to be the reason behind such popularity. She added, “Even though it’s a melodrama, the scenes where Lee Jung Hoon and Yeo Ha Jin actually meet are not that many. The viewers who waited eagerly for the love scene of the male and female characters must have felt more immersed.”

Regarding the response that she was rediscovered as an actor, she said, “It’s an assessment that makes me feel good. My goal seems to have been achieved a bit. I’m trying hard not to get swept away.” However, she continued, “The moment I feel pressure from these words, I feel like I’m going to be distressed or impatient. I’m waiting for another fateful piece, just like ‘Find Me In Your Memory,’ while enjoying my time as calmly as possible.”

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