“You See What You Know” Time to Arrange All the Double Roles in ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’

In the 7th and 8th episodes of SBS’s The King: Eternal Monarch, Luna (Kim Go Eun), a criminal from the Korean Empire who looks just like Jung Tae Eul from the Republic of Korea, appeared. Also, the fact that Gang Shin Jae (Kim Kyung Nam), a Jung Tae Eul’s fellow detective, was originally from the Korean Empire was revealed, shocking everyone. In a related development, this article will arrange all the double roles (two different roles are carried out by a single actor) that have appeared in the drama so far.


1. Eight-year-old Emperor of the Korean Empire Yi Gon vs. Eight-year-old Lee Ji Hoon of South Korea (child actor Jung Hyun Joon)

Credit: SBS

Yi Gon, who witnessed the death of his father (Kwon Yool), and Lee Ji Hoon, who witnessed his uncle Lee Sing Jae’s (Lee Jung Jin) death and also was killed: both characters were presented with a fate of misfortune by a villain named Yi Rim (Lee Jung Jin) of the Korean Empire.


2. Criminal in the Korean Empire vs. Detective in South Korea (Kim Go Eun)

Credit: SBS

The images of Luna, a criminal living in the Korean Empire who uses violence casually and has no family or status, and Jung Tae Eul, the lieutenant who leads a team in Jongro Police Station, presented by Kim Go Eun are worlds apart.


3. Jo Young, Captain of the Korean Empire Imperial Guard vs. Jo Eun Sub, a South Korean Social Service Worker (Woo Do Hwan)

Credit: SBS

Jo Young, captain of the Imperial Guard, and Jo Eun Seop, a social service worker, are entirely different even in fashion, way of talking, behaviors, and hairstyles. In the 7th episode, the two’s “wrangling chemistry” make the viewers look forward to their future performances.


4. Yi Rim, Royalty in the Korean Empire vs. Lee Sung Jae, Man Who Was Killed in South Korea (Lee Jung Jin)

Credit: SBS

Yi Rim, who wants to be the god who controls the two worlds, failed to take the throne in the Korea Empire because of Yi Gon. However, Lee Sung Jae, who has the same face as Yi Rim, suffered polio and spent his life in a wheelchair. One day, he was killed by Yi Rim, who had crossed the parallel universe.


5. Nine-year-old Boy in the Korean Empire vs. Gang Shin Jae, Detective in South Korea (Kim Kyung Nam)

Credit: SBS

It was suggested that Gang Shin Jae, a South Korean detective, existed in both worlds as the same face around the age of nine. Attention is focusing on the story of Gang Shin Jae, who remembered the shape of a flower he used to draw and an eight-year-old Yi Gon crying, which he thought was a nightmare. How did he end up in South Korea?


6. Goo Seo Ryung, Prime Minister of the Korean Empire vs. South Korean Girl in Glasses (Jung Eun Chae)

Credit: SBS

Goo Seo Ryung, the prime minister of the Korean Empire, was surprised to find a woman wearing glasses who looked just like her in a mysterious newspaper that was delivered to her. Now, attention is being paid to the identity of a woman cheering a baseball team in the paper, who looks the same as Goo Seo Ryung.


7. Son of the “Saddlery Master” in the Korean Empire vs. Lee Sang Do, a Dead Body Found in South Korea (Kim Jong Tae)

Credit: SBS

In the 7th episode, the son of the “Saddlery Master” with the face of Lee Sang Do, who was found dead in the car trunk in South Korea, appeared. As he showed awkward behaviors when Yi Gon appeared at the stable, doubts about his identity are mounting.

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