EXO’s Fans Angry Over Chen’s Lie About Pregnancy and Demands His Leave From the Group

Credit: SM Entertainment

The fans have completely turned their backs after learning that Chen had become a father just three months after his wedding announcement.

on April 29th, SM Entertainment revealed that Chen and his wife had welcomed a baby daughter.

Although many congratulated the star, the fans felt differently. When Chen made the surprise wedding announcement, he had denied reports about his bride being 7 months pregnant. And now that the reports have turned out to be true, the fans are demanding Chen’s leave from the group more strongly than before.

At the time Chen revealed that he would be marrying his long time girlfriend and that the two were expecting a baby, many fans responded by asking him to leave the group because they believed that he had deceived the fans.

And when reports started pouring out that the bride was 7 months pregnant, the fans’ anger reached a peak. SM Entertainment tried to deny the speculations by saying that the reports were false. But the fans still returned Chen’s fan goods to the agency to express their anger.

SM Entertainment tried to appease the fans and stated, “All of EXO members have expressed that they would like to continue as a group together since they have already experienced the pain from members leaving. We respect their wish, and there will be no change in members for EXO.”

However, it seems that the new developments will cause the fans to voice their opinion more than ever before.

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  • sometimes i can say that all korean fans are So pathetic so what if he is merried having a baby. Why because he is a celibrity he has no right to be having a family on his own? Why if his not married are you guys going to marry him? Guys wake up. They are here to give us an inspiration not to be single forever and wait until going old. this is the reason why all korean celebrities decided to suicide because of all the fans. JUDGMENTAL.

  • EXO and EXO-L are one and EXO will always include Chen to true fans. So happy for him and his wife. I wish their little family and each of members true happiness.

  • you can’t call them his fans anynore….they are antis now….if they were really fans they would have respected his choice and decision….stop calling them fans….

  • You guys are more interested in these types of news right? You guys find so much pleasure to hurt Chen and his real fans by publishing these kinds of articles? You know…there are so many Korean EXO-Ls who donated to UNICEF in the name of Chen’s daughter? Why don’t you publish some positive news instead of these shitty articles? You know how many EXO-Ls are calling Chen’s daughter a princess? Did you even see the hash tags trending on twitter on that day? Number of tweets congratulating Chen were much more than the ones harassing him. So please. It’s a request. Don’t spread negativity 🙏 I beg of you 🙏 Don’t try to hurt a person who is in the process of experiencing the joy of parenthood. Please🙏

  • I feel bad for him like he is human too and he has a life too ik idols like him want to make his fans happy and I know they do but we need to thank him and be nice to him too because although we just see them dance and sing its actually hard to reach that point of being popular you would have too work more and like Chen he has gotten hurt just to please us fans and he fell on his face before and that injury looked like it hurt but you know what he did he high fives some fans, smiled, and acted like it didn’t hurt like dam these idols have worked so hard to make us happy and some fans just talk bad things about him like bro imagine if you were a idol you and you find the love of your life or someone that just makes you so happy but you also cherish your fans so you keep it a secret because you know it might hurt your fans but then feeling like you’ve deceived or lied to your fans so you tell them the truth and you would think that they would support you and congratulate you but no people start hating you and saying you hurt them. Also some of you other fans may just hate him because he was your crush and you found out these news so you start hating him thats kind of pathetic reallySo like all I’m trying to say is that idols are just like us they deserve happiness like everyone we should be happy because he’s happy after all that hard work he has done like many other idols just to please us

  • Chen did the right thing…marrying his girlfriend was the best thing to do…Chen im soo proud of you..people may not understand, some got points but some people opinions should be ignored at all cost but chen you took up you’re responsibility just what a real man should do…Youre the man my chennie

  • All those who have any problem with Chen oppa you all can leave this fandom….because we (true exols) are really happy with our princess and chen oppa

  • Chen don’t leave your group, because we love u ,and merrage is your personal thik and u have the right to decide it and I really proud of u for your decision to merry your gf because if someone love u in the core of her heart then she deserves your love,we r fans and our responsibility that we support u and if u r happy then we r also happy.A real love all ways fell happy when there lover fell happy and if we were love someone then we give only love we don’t expect any return,if he or she fill your love then then it automatically return to u.we do not love any one force fully.love u Chen and consideration for your new baby 👼 angel.donot worry we all ways with u love u by

  • Can we just accept that! Can you guys just shut up?! And ignore it like nothing srs happend? They deserve to be happy too! We also will get married,,we also will have our own life right? He also already said sorry to us! What else u guys want?he said sorry because he being happy have family? Wtf thoo?! how could u guys do that to our precious? People like this’re trash,,,u guys not mature at all!,,u guys dont deserve to be called EXO-L!

  • How can those fan say something like that if they are a true fan they shouldn’t have any problem with their Idol’s personal life. Because I think he became an Idol because of his talent and not because of his personal life….So I think every fan should support him no matter what he is doing in his personal life.


  • Personally, I feel very happy for exo chen who has welcomed a baby girl in his life.I have been a exo fan from a long time.. And i feel that even they have a personal life.. The fans shd be happy for the stars in there happiness… Its a real shame that some of them asked for his leave from the group..

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