Kim Hee Chul Announces War Against People Who Write Hate Comments

On April 22nd, Kim Hee Chul hosted a live stream on Youtube and announced a war against people who write hate comments.

Kim Hee Chul recently shared his thoughts about hate comments that drove his close friends Goo Hara and Sulli to their unfortunate passing on JTBC’s Love of 7.7. Billion. After the show aired, a columnist came at the star with a rebuttal to which Kim Hee Chul expressed his annoyance. Then, the star started receiving many hate comments online as well as on his social media.

When he saw that the situation was worsening, Kim Hee Chul held a live stream on Youtube to declare a war against hate comments.

The star shared, “I’m not going to mention my friends anymore. To the people who share sources that allow hate comments, people who write hate comments, and people who agree with them. If I get offended by the criticizing comment, it is classified as a hate comment. Whether it’s a thousand or ten thousand hate comments, I will catch them all even if it takes a long time. Don’t think about saying your cat wrote it or that you shared it without knowing what it was. I won’t publish articles about suing people or just scare them without actual prosecution. I will catch them all.”

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