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Translated by Kim Hoyeun

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The celebs’ daily life behind the flashy spotlight is always a subject of attention. MBC’s I Live Alone is one of the many programs that satisfy this curiosity. Unlike many other programs where the entire family appears, I Live Alone has been famous for six years, succeeding in eliciting a sense of empathy that “a star is also a person” through presenting the celebs who live alone. Also, whole new charms portrayed in their daily life is a popular factor in I Live Alone. This article will introduce former/current K-POP stars who have revealed their pleasant lives.


Sejeong�” A Beginner of Living Alone Dreams of Becoming the King of Living Alone

Credit: MBC

Editor Hwang Hong Sun: Gugudan’s Sejeong has just started living alone three months ago. Unlike her smart images, she shows off her sloppy charm. How she puts a candle warmer in the bathroom when the light goes out and how she keeps buying in bulk but has no places to put them in draws laughter. However, the useful tips in living alone that she shows stand out. She uses a table to create her own healing space and cooks a unique butter-calamari recipe that makes your mouth water. She also delivers useful financial information to young viewers as she prepares her future by creating several bank accounts for different purposes. However, when she drops her food, Sejeong laughs with a bitter smile, saying nothing goes as she plans. The fact that a celeb is living a life just like any other gave a sense of empathy for the viewers. Treating the mistakes as pleasant experience to dream a better tomorrow, this is why people fall in love with this show.


U-Know- Mystical K-POP Star’s Friendly Daily Life

Credit: MBC

Editor Seo Hae Lan: K-POP star U-Know or Jung Yunho, a young man in his 30s, has more diverse characters than you think. Since he showed a strong desire to win several times before, I expected those scenes, but I didn’t expect to see him so eager to win fair and square even during his daily life. Such attitudes aren’t only for competitions or bets. He is still loyal to all of his friends from elementary school to college. He is such a sweet brother and shows deep affections for his nephew. He also understands the preciousness of sweat he shed for his dreams and memories. It’s fresh to see him not pretending to be so stable because he is a celebrity. It’s also fun to see his personality at home. Instead of white-toned interiors favored by “young people these days,” there are iron mortar and old-fashioned latch veranda doors. Cherry-tone kitchen interiors, friendly floor color and antique study chair, all reveal a person who cherishes every moment of his life. Maybe that’s why. After watching him on the show, he feels more like a good friend rather than a mystical K-POP star.


Hwasa- Even the Last Day of Vacation is Like ‘Hwasa’

Credit: MBC

Editor Kim Won Hee: Hwasa hasn’t appeared on I Live Alone for a while. She has been on a two-month break, the longest vacation she ever got since her debut as MAMAMOO. Hwasa’s last day of the holiday is just like ‘Hwasa.’ While walking alone around the Han River in the middle of the night when no one is around, she presents mukbang of instant ramen (noodle), sausages, dumplings, and banana milk. After a good night sleep on a comfortable couch, she wakes up to eat fried tofu rice balls with beef. Hwasa’s mukbang, which has already been recognized, once again makes the viewers’ mouth water. The singer’s unique charm is also present. It’s quite impressive to see her practice the recorder (a musical instrument), which she started as a hobby, so seriously to play the soundtrack of Titanic. The fact that she finds something to learn from the things that we normally just pass and laugh about is awe-inspiring. The sight of Hwasa enjoying the last day of her vacation comfortably while eating delicious food makes her seem like she were a close friend we see every day.


Kwon Nara- Oh Soo Ah Is Nowhere to Be Seen, But Only ‘Nara Sloth’ Is Present

Credit: MBC

Editor Yang Young Jun: It was only recently that I got to see actor Kwon Nara, not a K-POP star. Since Oh Soo Ah, the role she played in Itaewon Class, was somewhat icy, I thought the actor herself might have a similar image. But Kwon Nara’s actual character and daily life portrayed someone completely different. Some of her slow movements reminded people of sloths, and when she was searching for lost things, she was full of the clumsiness of a person who just started living alone. To say, “I only eat small amounts of sweets at night cause I feel guilty,” her breakfast was full of sweets. Somehow I feel like the daily life of a celeb is going to be luxurious, but seeing her visit used-cars stores and play games with her friends in PC rooms, enjoying hotdogs and ramen makes me feel like she is just a person like me instead of a star.


Son Dam Bi- Her Extraordinary and Cheerful Life with ‘Hands that Damage Everything’�

Credit: MBC

Editor Hong Hyun Jung: The cold-looking images are nowhere to be seen. Only slow and extraordinary life is present. On the way to her best friend Jung Ryeo Won’s house on her scooter, she suddenly fell, surprising everyone, and didn’t even realize that the windshield was cracked. Then she blindly left to her mother’s house to move her TV, but when she arrived at the house, she almost crashed the TV with her car while parking. Later, she boldly uses a plate, designed only for a display, to cook. Even though she swept the K-POP scene with her sexy charisma in the late 2000s, she showed enough loose and sloppy images to perfectly fit in with the rest of I Live Alone cast. The unexpected familiarity makes Son Dam Bi feel even closer, following her appearance in When the Camellia Blooms. I even thought that it would be nice to see her more often.

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