WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo Wrote a Letter to His Fans Before His Enlistment

WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo shared a letter for his fans on WINNER’s official fan club site on March 27th, after YG Entertainment confirmed his enlistment date of April 2nd KST.

The singer will be going through 4 weeks of basic training, then will carry out his mandatory military duties as a public service worker.

Below is his letter:

“Hello, Inner Circle.
I’m here because I have news, and I wanted you all to be the first to know about it.
I’ll be enlisting on April 2!

Though I’ll be apart from Inner Circle for a bit, I will be healthy, brave, and do well, so Inner Circle should also do your best in whatever you’re doing and put your health first! I hope you will be well.

And most of all, I’m happy that we released news of our album, which is like a gift to us and you, before I go! We prepared it with so much joy in our hearts, and I’m so happy we’ll get to listen to it with Inner Circle.

We still have good times ahead of us, so let’s smile and be happy! Though I haven’t been able to repay everything I’ve received from you, you know Inner Circle is always #1 in my heart, right? Hehe.

And to my dongsengs, who are now like real brothers to me.
I’m always grateful, and I love you!

To Inner Circle, who always hold us up whenever and wherever! I’ll return safely! Please take care of my dongsengs.

Let’s meet again after I’m back! Stay healthy! I sincerely love you.”

WINNER is dropping their third album ‘Remember’ on April 9th, a week after Kim Jin Woo’s enlistment.



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