Lee Yi Kyung Helped Save Someone’s Life

It was recently revealed that actor Lee Yi Kyung helped save a civilian’s life on the early morning of March 19th.

A witness shared that a drunk individual was attempting to throw himself in front of a moving truck, but that luckily, the truck driver was able to stop before hitting the individual. However, even as the truck driver was trying his best to stop the citizen from taking his life, the individual kept walking towards other moving vehicles. Lee Yi Kyung, who was in the back of the truck that had stopped, got out of his car as well and proceeded to aid the truck driver in holding back the individual from causing more danger.

The witness stated, “Lee Yi Kyung held onto the drunk individual tightly for a long time in order to prevent him from jumping into the street or into the river. Everyone was anxious and scared, so they couldn’t get out of their cars, but he got out of his car without any hesitation. He also gave his coat to the drunk person who was shaking and held onto the individual to make sure no more attempts of suicide were made. His enormous courage and big heart saved a person’s life.”

Thankfully, the police were able to arrive after some time, and the individual was safely taken away from the scene.

Lee Yi Kyung’s agency, HB Entertainment, responded to the heroic reports on March 26th, by saying, “After checking in with Lee Yi Kyung, it has been confirmed that the reports are true. He said that he ran out of the car without thinking, because it happened right in front of him. He has stated that he only did what had to be done, so he didn’t feel the need to make a story out of it.”

We would like to send a big round of applause to Lee Yi Kyung for being such a great individual and citizen.



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